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Course Map

Arthur Hills Course Overview
Tee Gender USGA Rating Slope Rating
Blue Blue M 72.9 136
White White M 70.4 125
Gold Gold M 67.4 113
Green Green M 66.6 110
White White F 76.1 137
Gold Gold F 71.4 124
Green Green F 70.1 123
Arthur Hills Course Hole 1

Hole Number: 1

Par: 4

Your round begins on the medium-length par 4. Favor the right center of the fairway off the tee and be careful with club selection on the second shot. The wind and a shallow green can make this approach difficult.

Championship 384
Middle 358
Senior 358
Forward 284
Arthur Hills Course Hole 2

Hole Number: 2

Par: 4

This short par 4 is a preview of things to come. Favor placement over length off the tee here; right center of the fairway is the ideal position. A deep green, with out of bounds left and water right, requires that you plan an exacting approach shot.

Championship 373
Middle 334
Senior 334
Forward 289
Arthur Hills Course Hole 3

Hole Number: 3

Par: 3

On this short par 3 over water, check the wind before making your club selection. Aim for the center of the green.

Championship 146
Middle 115
Senior 115
Forward 88
Arthur Hills Course Hole 4

Hole Number: 4

Par: 4

Time for your driver. The tee shot should favor the right center of the fairway to avoid out of bounds on the left. Club selection on the approach to this deep green will vary depending on the hole location.

Championship 430
Middle 403
Senior 403
Forward 289
Arthur Hills Course Hole 5

Hole Number: 5

Par: 4

Put the driver away. Aim for the 150-yard post from the tee; this fairway narrows considerably as you approach the green. The second shot plays slightly longer to an elevated green.

Championship 376
Middle 343
Senior 311
Forward 301
Arthur Hills Course Hole 6

Hole Number: 6

Par: 5

Favor the right-center of the fairway off the tee; the tall grass to the left will show you anything but "love". Position the second shot to the right for a better approach angle to this sloping green.

Championship 505
Middle 480
Senior 410
Forward 410
Arthur Hills Course Hole 7

Hole Number: 7

Par: 4

Grab the driver and let it rip; the fairway is open and inviting. Though downhill, the second shot is usually into the wind and plays longer than the yardage. The center of the green is a good target.

Championship 434
Middle 417
Senior 417
Forward 322
Arthur Hills Course Hole 8

Hole Number: 8

Par: 3

This tricky par 3 plays longer than it appears and is usually into the wind. Take note of the pin placement; the further right it is, the more club you'll need.

Championship 156
Middle 135
Senior 135
Forward 113
Arthur Hills Course Hole 9

Hole Number: 9

Par: 5

On this tight driving hole, going with driver is not always the wise play as it is difficult to get home in two. Lay up near the 150-yard marker to avoid the water that fronts the left side of the green. The slightly downhill approach plays somewhat shorter.

Championship 518
Middle 494
Senior 494
Forward 434
Arthur Hills Course Hole 10

Hole Number: 10

Par: 4

Favor the right side off the tee on this dogleg left. There's considerable trouble around the green, so aim for the center.

Championship 415
Middle 392
Senior 392
Forward 312
Arthur Hills Course Hole 11

Hole Number: 11

Par: 5

This is a pretty, downhill par 3. It plays from an elevated tee to a deep, well-bunkered green.

Championship 182
Middle 132
Senior 132
Forward 114
Arthur Hills Course Hole 12

Hole Number: 12

Par: 4

To paraphrase Arthur Hills, "The fun starts here". Water guards the entire right side of this hole. Line up left of the 150-yard post off the tee. The fairway narrows as you near the green. Take plenty of club on the approach shot.

Championship 399
Middle 377
Senior 301
Forward 296
Arthur Hills Course Hole 13

Hole Number: 13

Par: 5

On this long par 5, you face a forced carry over water off the tee and more water fronts the green. Favor the left side off the tee and be careful on the second shot as the landing area narrows beyond the 150-yard post. The approach shot is short, but treacherous.

Championship 507
Middle 486
Senior 360
Forward 338
Arthur Hills Course Hole 14

Hole Number: 14

Par: 4

Favor the right side off the tee for a clear view of the green. But pay attention to the pin placement on this two-tiered green before you play your approach shot.

Championship 412
Middle 361
Senior 361
Forward 301
Arthur Hills Course Hole 15

Hole Number: 15

Par: 3

On this short par 3, judging the pin placement can be surprisingly tricky. The very deep green is divided in two by a swale in the middle. Hilton Head Island's first and oldest lighthouse privides a scenic backdrop.

Championship 153
Middle 142
Senior 142
Forward 120
Arthur Hills Course Hole 16

Hole Number: 16

Par: 4

This short par 4 is filled with trouble. Favor the left side off the tee and keep your guard up on the approach. Pin placements on this deep green can vary by as much as 20 yards.

Championship 365
Middle 336
Senior 310
Forward 295
Arthur Hills Course Hole 17

Hole Number: 17

Par: 4

Take plenty of club off the tee; the landing area is deeper than it appears. The difficult approach is to a green guarded by water in front, out of bounds to the left and woods to the rear. The green is angled away from you, so take plenty of club to a right side pin placement.

Championship 380
Middle 320
Senior 284
Forward 274
Arthur Hills Course Hole 18

Hole Number: 18

Par: 5

This nice finishing par 5 bends to the right, then back to the left. Favor the right side on the second shot for a better approach angle. The front left side of the green is guarded by large mounds.

Championship 516
Middle 497
Senior 414
Forward 414

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