Palmetto Dunes

17th Hole at Fazio Course

We had such a great round of golf on the George Fazio Course at Palmetto Dunes in Hilton Head. It was a beautiful morning with perfect temperatures and a cooling breeze for our 7:52am tee time. The air conditioned golf carts were a key ingredient to us finishing the round strong as we approached mid-day temperatures. The course is in excellent condition, and offers beautiful views from start to finish. This par 3 on the 17th is intimidating as you hit over the water to the green, but my playing partner managed to land one about 20 feet from the hole to set up for a birdie putt (which she missed!) - and we both escaped with par. We are looking forward to our next trip to Palmetto Dunes, and hoping to play the Hills Course the next time around.

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Allison Kelly :
I might have missed the birdie putt but at least I drove the green! :) Truthfully Megan is the better golfer (she shot an 83 this round). I was honored to break even with her this hole. Can't wait for our next match up!
Posted September 25, 2009

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