Palmetto Dunes


There are few things that someone looks forward to for their entire life, you plan and hope to one day have the magical wedding of your dreams. We had always known that a unique wedding was what we wanted. As we began our search for the perfect location we found that an exclusive island like Hilton Head was exactly the spot we had in mind. Palmetto Dunes is the only place that could offer us what we wanted, a place to get married with our toes in the sand, somewhere that was secluded and would not have other resort guests walking through the wedding, and somewhere that could offer us a full weekend of fun for us and our guests. We accomplished everything for the wedding over the phone and through e-mails with Nicole and the entire Palmetto Dunes staff. Our families were located all over the resort; some were at a gorgeous house at 1 Sea Lane where we held our rehearsal dinner, others were stationed at the Marriott Hotel on property and even more were in other various houses and villas on site. We chose a risky time to have the wedding as it was hurricane season but we knew it would be worth it in the end and we were very comfortable with the other two alternative options that Palmetto Dunes had for us. As we had our rehearsal it was raining as it had been for the few days before the wedding. Hurricane Danny was on the approach, he was expected to hit either the day before or the day of the wedding but only in the upper part of North Carolina so we were expecting only residual rain. The morning of the wedding it was rainy and gloomy as Danny was out on the horizon. At around 4:30pm, just in time for our 5:30pm wedding the clouds cleared and the sun came out, we had an absolutely picture perfect wedding and reception. The sunset was spectacular and provided a once in a lifetime backdrop for our event. Our family and friends have been talking about the wedding for months and we have even received phone calls from our guests thanking us for inviting them to our wedding! It truly was a lucky day and the most memorable day for everyone in attendance. Palmetto Dunes will hold a special place in our lives and our hearts for the rest of our lives and we will be back to visit as often as possible.


Heather M :

I will be getting married at the dunes house May 2010. Your wedding was beautiful and made me even more excited (if that is possible) for my own wedding.

Posted March 21, 2010
Ron Carmichael :

As the father of the bride you want the best for your daughter. Palmetto Dunes delivered. From the location, activities on site, places to stay, excellent service and great food I can’t believe there could have been a better place for a wedding. Almost 6 months later we still have people talking about Palmetto Dunes. We can't wait to go back

Posted February 7, 2010
karen shelly :

My son and his fiance are getting married Sept. 2010 at the Dunes House. Your wedding turned out beautiful and it was nice to see how the deck looked decorated for the wedding.

Posted January 26, 2010

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