Palmetto Dunes

Doug Weaver - Golf God

Like everyone else on this page, I love the game of golf -- finally, again. Over the past two years that hasn't been the case. A serious flaw in my game left me anxious and confused. Nothing I did fixed it -- not extensive reading and research, not watching golf videos and not taking lessons from pros who thought they had it figured out if I just turned this way, adjusted my backswing that way or added a new convoluted swing thought.

Nothing worked until I met Doug Weaver, explained my problem, attended his Monday afternoon teaching exhibition and took a lesson. Thanks to his quick read of a very simple issue -- my alignment -- my game (and my confidence) are back. I'm trying not to tempt the golf gods -- I know I can be struck down again at any moment -- but I am grateful and thankful for Doug's patience and his diagnosis, which -- at least for the time being -- has gotten me back to loving golf.

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