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Golf Lessons with Doug Weaver

Doug's lessons have taught me that golf is more than a swing. His unique and illustrative communication skills focus on applying your athletic ability against the games key fundamentals that allow you to master the basics. Since taking lessons with Doug , the confidence in my technique has allowed me to improve in all aspects of my game and win my club championship. When you are done taking a lesson with Doug you will be able to see your shots, feel your shots, and trust your ability to execute.


Karyl Wackerlin :

I loved Doug's teaching style! I attended his free clinic on Monday, and loved his laid-back style so much that I signed up for Short Game I...and then Short Game II and private lessons. He gave me practical advice on how to take the tension out of my swing, how to relax before each shot, and how to get power in my shots. Not only has my handicap started to come down, but I'm enjoying the game of golf more than ever, just like Doug said I would!

Posted May 23, 2010

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