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Golf Pros Should Not Cut Hair!

The same should be said for other professions giving golf tips. We took up golf a little less than one year ago. In that time, there was plenty of advice given, whether it was from a co-worker, family friend, or even a barber. Our experience was that in a couple of hours with Doug, our game - fundamentals, mechanics, and overall grasp of the game - improved immensely! Clearly Doug has a wealth of golf knowledge and has been doing this for many years. The best way to explain his teaching style is relaxed, adaptive, rooted in the fundamentals, and fun. He is like the college professor with the PhD and the course textbook he wrote himself, who can actually communicate with the undergrad - thus tailoring his delivery to where you are in your golf journey. After spending the last year playing round after round to improve, it was clear that I learned more in my few hours with Doug than a whole year of playing and listening to the advice and tips of everyone else. Do yourself, your sanity, and your game a favor - take a round off and invest that time and money into lessons with Doug. Remember, while a Golf Pro may not give a good haircut, they are in fact masters of their profession.

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