Palmetto Dunes


Hi Doug, A "thank you" for the time we spent together at Palmetto Dunes is long overdue. I have only been able to play 3 rounds since returning to Pittsburgh but I can tell you my ball striking is much more consistent. And when it isn't I'm not trying 400 different things as I now know what I need from my swing. At least at this stage. Wish I could spend a weekly session in your court but real life...... I have also devoured the pamphlet. Some of the references I am not familiar with but can generally figure out. I think the "scissors" and "double scissors" grips are what you demonstrated out of the sand the last day. One thing I really learned from the pamphlet is to keep the ball under my left eye when putting. The routine (putting) you showed me has led me to develop a consistent 7 step process. Believe me...... it's me...... it's not a complicated or time consuming thing. Just consistent. Also, YES. I was too far from the ball for most of my shots. You mentioned this one time but I hear everything and forget very little so I put it to test and I do find it easier to make a "modern swing" from this position. So, THANKS. I look forward to your video and spending more time together; just wish I could be in HHI more than once/year. I hope your son is staying healthy and both he and Hilton Head Christian Academy are having continued success. Best Regards, Jack Scores: 76, 81 (relapse), 74 Goal: always under 75 Probability: ??

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