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The Wedding of Powers...

Super powers, that is. When we started planning our destination wedding in Hilton Head, we knew it was going to take an extraordinary team to pull it off. Enter our all-star wedding planners - Nicole Guy and Ann Czerniak, assisted by Super Father-of-the-Bride, Brent. These wedding planning superheroes should have been equipped with capes because they made the impossible possible while creating a never-before seen wedding in Palmetto Dunes. Our wedding was monumental. The planning was done, from start to finish, in 4 months. I find this to be an incredible accomplishment, because we were doing it via phone and e-mail from 900 miles away. Nicole understood our vision from the beginning. We love Hilton Head Island, and we wanted to bring our dearest friends and family there to show them exactly why we loved it. A boring ceremony and banquet room reception just didn't fit the bill. Nicole helped us think outside the box and for the first time in Palmetto Dunes history, we were married on the 11th tee box at the Robert Trent Jones golf course, overlooking the ocean. Adding to Palmetto Dunes history was the entrance of the Bride. Accompanied by the William Tell Overture, my dad and I came riding in on SEGWAYS! Nicole helped us get in contact with the right people shout out to Shane! and we pulled off our top secret entrance. Even though the views out on the golf course were incredible, no one in attendance will forget the view of my dad and I bounding in on those crazy machines, in full wedding attire. The reception was, without a doubt, exactly what we envisioned. Our dream was to have a Southern BBQ on a deck overlooking the ocean. And that is exactly what we did. The setting was perfect The Dunes House was all decked out, with our garden lights and heat lamps (early March is cold on the beach!). Leading up to the wedding, Ann worked closely with the chef to make sure we had our ideal Southern BBQ meal, complete with She Crab Soup (as requested by my husband) and Key Lime Pie (for me). My family is still raving about the food, as it is hands down, the BEST wedding meal ever. Ann helped make this an unforgettable night - she even stashed a few biscuits with honey butter on the side for me to take home that night. YUM! The entire staff at Palmetto Dunes helped to create an unforgettable wedding weekend. From arranging the rental houses for both of our families, coordinating the golf outing for the men to the aforementioned Segway training and wedding planning I couldn't find a single complaint. It truly was the wedding of our dreams, and I have Nicole Guy and Ann Czerniak to thank. And a special thanks to Nicole and Ann for dealing with our craziness and humoring the overzealous Father of the Bride. You guys are amazing!

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