Palmetto Dunes

Short Game Class 1

We attended the "Where Does the Power Come From" Golf Exhibition for the second time on February 28th. I found Doug Weaver's explanation of the golf swing and his approach to teaching golf very sensible and understandable. During last years' vacation the Short Game Class for which we registered after the Golf Exhibition was rained out but we did get to take the class during this year's vacation. "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice make perfect." Doug's Short Game Class not only taught me how to putt, chip, and pitch; it taught me how to properly learn putting, chipping, and pitching. In the class Doug clearly explains the reasons for the fundamentals of each aspect of the short game and he shows how to practice those fundamentals. Along with his handout notes, I feel I am well equipped to practice perfectly in order to learn how to putt, chip, and pitch well on the golf course. Remember "Lessons are not given; Lessons are taken!" Ask Doug lots of questions. He has the answers. Phillip and Joanne Seymour, Kemptville, Ontario, Canada.

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