Palmetto Dunes

Serving into the Sun

We love the almost year-round sunshine here on the Hilton Head coast, but those super sunny days can present some challenges when it’s time to hit the tennis courts. Serving into the sun can be tough. One way to keep the sun out of your eyes without hindering your game is with a pair of sunglasses made for tennis.

The Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center is the only dealer in South Carolina offering the Solar Bat Leverage sunglasses, designed specifically for tennis players. The lenses are designed to brighten the lines on the court and the ball. The top of the lenses is darker so players can look into the sun for overheads and serves.

The glasses have an adjustable, padded nose bridge to fit a person’s face. The bridge nose pads are made from a temperature control material that grips more securely with increased body temperature, so the glasses aren’t sliding down a player’s nose on a sticky, humid South Carolina day.

The glasses were designed by optometrist Gary Nesty. He first focused on his own favorite hobby, sport fishing, and the lack of adequate eye protection. He then realized each sport has its own needs and he was determined to develop a pair of sunglasses that would meet those needs. He spent countless hours with players and teams to create sunglasses with a sport-specific lens and frame.

If you’ve tried the Solar Bat or other sport sunglasses, let us know what you think. Do you prefer to wear sunglasses when playing tennis?

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