Palmetto Dunes

Too Hot to Play Golf? No Such Thing!

Here in Hilton Head we rarely have a day where it’s too cold to play golf, but some days the heat can be a bit of a factor. For those summer days on the steamier side, we help cool you down with specialized cooling golf carts.

These state-of-the-art carts provide air-conditioning while you ride hole to hole on one of our three golf courses. Can’t you just feel the cool blowing on your neck? Ron Green from the Charlotte Observer got to try out one of these carts recently and joked about future golf carts having bars included! We wish!

And if you want to really traverse the course in style, give our Segways a whirl. They’re easy to operate with just a bit of practice and plenty of fun to boot! We’re currently the only resort on Hilton Head to offer Segways and they’re becoming quite popular, so rent yours early!

What would your ideal golf transportation look like? What features would you dream up?

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