Palmetto Dunes

Have a "Social" Vacation

What’s better than a week off from work, relaxing on the beach and sleeping in? Why, bragging about doing all those things on social media so your co-workers, friends and boss can drool while they sit at their desks and cubicles, of course! But here at Palmetto Dunes, we’ll give you even more reason to get “social” with us while you’re on vacation. Heck, you can save money and hear first about all the cool things we have going on. Are you on Foursquare? This smartphone app lets you “check in” at different locations to get special deals, earn badges and try to become “the mayor.” Be sure to check in at the tennis center, golf courses and see what goodies are in store for you! You can also use the location-based service to read recommendations for others or get tips on the best burger and happy hour specials around town! If you have a question about anything Hilton Head, please “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and we’ll be happy to find the answer. We also love seeing pictures of your family enjoying a bike ride on the beach or playing cornhole so please share your experiences and photos on our Facebook page or tweet about it! We’ll also keep you updated about many events and special deals we have going on year round here at Palmetto Dunes. Did we convince you to get social yet?

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