Palmetto Dunes

Car Games for Kids

While some of you may be just one state away from our beautiful beaches, others of you may be driving from the northeast, Midwest or even farther. We know that hearing the words “Are we there yet?” every 10 minutes is not any parent’s idea of a pleasant drive. So we’ve compiled a few tips to keep the younger members of your family occupied as they head to and head home from Palmetto Dunes.

License Plates

This is an oldie, but goodie. Make a list of all the states before you get in the car (or look it up on your iPhone or iPad J) and charge the kids with looking for license plates from each state. See how many you can spot.

Car Colors

Let each member choose a car color. Then challenge your crew to be the first to spot 10, 15 or 20 cars of that color.

Eye Spy

This is a great game for preschool and even toddler-age kids. Each person takes a turn “spying” an item and telling everyone the color (“Eye spy with my little eye something [insert color]…”). Then each family member takes a turn guessing until they are correct. Then it’s that person’s turn to “spy” something.

Car Scavenger Hunt

Ask your kids to draw pictures or write words on index cards for 50 or so items they might see while driving to Palmetto Dunes. Let each child randomly draw an equal allotment of cards. The first person to match up all their cards with items they spot wins!

Word Game

Have each family member think of a word at least 10 letters long. Then, look for the letters, in order, on any signs you pass. The first person to find all their letters, in order, wins!

Grab Bag

Consider heading to the Everything’s a Dollar store before you head out. Grab a bunch of toys, workbooks, cards and a few treats and pack them all in a grab bag. Whenever someone wins a game or needs something new to break up the trip, let them pick an item out of the grab bag.

What games have you found that work well to keep your kids occupied in the car?


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