Palmetto Dunes

Palmetto Dunes POA Wins Beautification Award

The Island Beautification Association has named our plantation entrance the best-looking planted garden fronting William Hilton Parkway. The association judges the entrances from a moving vehicle in order to fairly visualize the impact of the plants.

According to The Island Packet, “It was a close contest. All agreed that the entrance plantings grow more beautiful each year. And the winner, with a score of 95 percent, is Palmetto Dunes. The plantation has that mix of sun-loving dwarf duranta, croton, pentas and hibiscus married just right with the softer colors of geraniums and angelonia, while the green of ‘Pringles’ dwarf podocarpus gives out a welcome cooling effect.”

We knew our entrance was awesome and glad someone else noticed! Congrats to the Palmetto Dunes POA who maintains the entrance and keeps it looking beautiful!!

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