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Fun Beach Games for the Whole Family

There are lots of great activities to do on the beach from swimming and building sand castles to jogging and surfing, but a great way to get in some family bonding time is to turn the beach into a game board!

Here are some fun beach games that will engage the whole family and leave them talking about their Palmetto Dunes vacation for years to come:

1)     Cornhole – The name may not sound so appealing, but we promise the game is! Grab one of Palmetto Dunes’ specially-designed cornhole boards and a couple bean bags and see who can score the most points tossing the bags into the board’s holes. Want more cornhole tips and rules of play? Check out the American Cornhole Association (yes, there really is such a thing!)

2)     Frisbee – You don’t have to be an Ultimate Frisbee champ to get out this family favorite toy. Try setting up some goals and see who can toss the Frisbee closest or just toss it back and forth! Here are some more great Frisbee games.

3)     Croquet – You’ll need to bring along a croquet set for this one: some mallets, balls and wickets. To simplify it, take turns trying to hit the balls through the wickets and see who completes them all first. If you want to play it by the book, follow these step by step guidelines from eHow.

4)     Tug-o-war – OK, you know this one… Bring a strong rope (or improvise with a towel), and put one team on each end. Set up a line in the middle and whichever team gets all the opposing team’s members across the line first is the winner. To make it even harder, try it in a tide pool or in the water. Take some photos and share them with us!

5)     Castle Battle – Divide into two teams, each of whom builds their own castle flying its own flag (a towel will work). The first team to grab the other team’s flag and fly it on their castle wins. Don’t make your castle overly complex, as it’s not likely to last long in this game!

We hope your family enjoys some of these ideas for a day at the beach at Palmetto Dunes. Share with us some of your family’s favorite beach activities!

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