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Pass the Football and Better Your Golf Swing

Here’s some good news for all of our athletes out there: playing other sports can help your golf game! The reason? The motion involved in other athletic activities, such as swinging a tennis racket, hitting a baseball or throwing a Frisbee, are very similar to the mechanics used in a golf swing.

An article in Golf Tips magazine encourages readers to hold a football and pretend to be a quarterback handing off a ball to the running back. This motion is similar to the initial takeaway of a golf swing. “Just as you would with a football handoff, the takeaway begins with the rotation of the body to the right and the club out in front of the chest.” By practicing motions with sports you’re already comfortable with, you can start breaking down the individual motions in a golf swing.

Our resident golf pro at Palmetto Dunes, Doug Weaver, is an avid believer in this athletic approach to improving your golf game. Weaver says, “You will play better tennis if you play golf and vice versa.” At Doug’s junior clinics, the kids do football drills, soccer drills and even hula hooping to help them loosen their hips and improve their follow-through motion.

So remember, the master of another sport CAN master golf too.

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