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How to Keep Your Beach Cruiser in Tip Top Shape

One of the most popular forms of transportation here on Hilton Head Island is biking, and the majority of bikes around the island are beach cruisers! Between the salt water in the air, sand and humidity, it’s important to keep your two-wheeler maintained.

Before you take your bike out for a ride, always check your tires for pressure, tread and make sure your chain isn’t dried out. Simple fixes include adding air to your tires or lubing up your chain with a little oil. By avoiding these little maintenance issues, you’ll be able to keep your bike up and running for years!

Due to all the salt in the air, we recommend storing your bike indoors, especially if you only get the bike out during the summer months. It’s a good idea to spray your bike off after your ride to rid it of the saltwater and sand contaminants. It’s important to also remember that Hilton Head Outfitters rents a great selection of different types of bikes for adults and children if you don’t want to worry about the maintenance part at all!


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