Palmetto Dunes

New Craze Combines Paddleboarding and Yoga

A few months ago there was the social media craze “planking” where an individual lies in a plank position in unusual places and then posts the image on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This term has taken on a whole new meaning recently in the fitness and water activities world.

Many people are taking their love of paddleboarding and combining it with yoga. Floating yoga is new to the South but has been all the rage in Hawaii for some time now. Standard yoga moves such as the plank, crunch or downward dog are a bit more challenging when performing the moves on water!

There are a few places in nearby Charleston, S.C. that are offering paddleboard yoga classes and we’ve seen a few brave souls tightening their cores here in Hilton Head giving it a go. Would you like to see one of these classes come to Palmetto Dunes? Would you try it?


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