Palmetto Dunes

Build the Perfect Sandcastle at Palmetto Dunes

Have you ever been walking the beaches here in Hilton Head and seen some amazing sandcastles? We’ve seen some masterpieces grace our sand, for sure, and we want to share some sandcastle building tips with you! And hey, if you want to start building before you get to the beach, we’ll give you some at-home ideas too!

The Tools You’ll Need: A shovel with a long handle, a bucket, a few carving tools like a spoon, a plastic knife and a fork!

Location, Location, Location: Make sure not to start your sandcastle too close to the shoreline or all your work will be destroyed by the incoming tide! Keep in mind that you’ll need water to hold your castle together so don’t go too far from the ocean unless you want a good workout.

Get to Digging and Building: Start by digging a hole far enough down to reach the water table (where the sand is damp). Using very wet sand and your hands, create a base for your castle. Stack sand blocks on top of one another until you get your sandcastle the height and width you want.

Decoration Time: After you’ve built the base, it’s time for the fun part. You can use the knife to chisel in a brick pattern and the spoon to scoop out openings for a door. Another cool technique is to make a “drizzle” roof by taking super wet sand into your hand, hold your hand over the desired location and let the sand drip down. You can also use coral, shells and other washed up items to jazz up your creation!

So get to building and share your castle pictures with us on Facebook!

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