Palmetto Dunes

Let Palmetto Dunes Inspire Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is in just two short weeks, which leaves little time to find a costume. For those who are super busy and don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on a cool get-up for Halloween, we’ve got you covered with some Palmetto Dunes-inspired costumes for the whole family!

1. Dad as a golfer:

-polo shirt

-khaki shorts/pants

-golf shoes

-sweater to tie around your neck

-golf glove

2. Mom as a tennis player:

-tennis skirt/dress

- visor

-tennis shoes


3. Child as a Surfer:

-bathing suit

-cover up

-surfboard: can be made out of cardboard and painted by your child

-shell necklace or a lei

4. Toddler as a Sea Turtle:

- green hooded sweatshirt

- green sweatpants

- 2 large sheets of dark green felt

- light green and tan felt

- 2 large googly eyes

- pillow stuffing or newspaper

- fabric glue

This costume requires a little more work than the other three but is still very easy and super inexpensive to create. Follow these simple steps from HGTV and don’t be afraid to get a little creative with it!

These are just a couple ideas that are fun and can be pulled together with items in your closet. Got more cheap and easy costume ideas? Tweet us an idea or a picture @PalmettoDunesSC or post to our Facebook page!

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