Palmetto Dunes

Great Beach Books for Kids

Are your kids dreaming of their spring or summer spent at Palmetto Dunes? Reading a book about the beach is a great way to bring those memories to mind, while encouraging a love of reading at the same time.

Head to the library or the bookstore and turn it into a fun outing as you look for your “beach book.” Here are a few children’s books set at the beach that we highly recommend.

  • Great for younger children, Seashells by the Seashore by Marianne Berkes, tells the tale of a little girl collecting seashells at the beach. Filled with colorful illustrations, the book teaches children to count the shells the girl collects.
  • At the Beach is another great beach-inspired read. Written by Anne and Harlow Rockwell, this book is a fun way to excite your child for an upcoming vacation to the beach. It’s full of images explaining all the many activities you’ll enjoy by the sea.
  • Perhaps our favorite pick takes place not exactly at the beach, but in the ocean itself.  The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister is a classic for children of all ages. The spectacular illustrations combined with a great moral about sharing make this a must-read!

So cozy up with your little ones this fall and dream of days at beach. Happy reading!

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