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Palmetto Dunes Holiday Gift Guide: The Perfect Ride

Hilton Head Outfitters bikesIf you’ve ever been to Hilton Head, then you know the most common form of transportation is bike! This 2-wheeled ride and Christmas have a long history together, as the bicycle is one of the most common items on a child’s wish list for Santa.

Hilton Head Outfitters has the new craze in bikes that’s on lots of kids’ lists this year. It’s called Zike! The Zike combines a normal bike with the workout of an elliptical machine. These super kid-friendly bikes have been featured on The View and Extra.

You can get the Zike in 4 different versions:

  1. The HotShot- Great for ages 5-9 because it’s small but fast enough to keep them entertained. Adding the stepping motion increases balance and coordination while making fitness fun for children.
  2. The FlyBy- This Zike is a step up from the HotShot with double chains for more speed! The handle bars are adjustable and it’s made specifically for kids 8-10.
  3. The SlingShot- This hybrid scooter is more advanced and made for children older than 10. The speed on this Zike rivals a BMX bike!
  4. The Saber- If your child is looking for the mack-daddy Zike, the Saber is the answer. With seven speeds and larger tires, your child will be zooming by their friends riding “normal” bikes.

All these versions come in multiple colors, including blue, green, red, yellow and more. If a bike is on your child’s Christmas list this year, why not try something different and fun with the Zike?! We guarantee they will have a speedy good time. 

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