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Christmas + Vacations = Some Great Holiday Movies

December is a month full of shopping, decorating, eating and being with family. Watching movies together is a holiday tradition for many families who gather and watch the same flick year after year. Here at Palmetto Dunes some of our favorite holiday movies are, of course, based around a vacation! Check out our list and see if any of our favs are on your list too!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989) - This is the ultimate holiday vacation movie that will have the whole family in hysterics! The Griswolds prepare for Christmas by inviting their entire family to their home. As all the family members arrive from their travels you quickly see the Griswol’s genuinely just have the worst luck!

Home Alone (1990) - A true holiday classic, Home Alone is based on the McAllister family and their decision to vacation in Paris, France for Christmas. Things go haywire for their son, Kevin, when he’s left home alone on accident. While being home without his whole family seems incredibly fun at first, Kevin ends up spending Christmas Eve protecting his house from two crazy burglars!

The Holiday (2006) - If you and your family are more into romantic comedies, then this contemporary Christmas movie will do the trick. Two heartbroken women decide to switch houses in different countries for the holiday. Iris leaves her home in London to move into Amanda’s LA home, and Amanda travels to London to stay at Iris’ cottage. Both women might start their season off with boy-troubles but by Christmas they have both fallen in love!

So, hit the TV guide, Red Box, Netlfix or your movie collection and enjoy. Happy Holidays! 

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