Palmetto Dunes

Travel Tips for 2012

We’re gearing up to see lots of people on the Island and throughout our resort in the next several months. Between Valentine’s romantic getaways, spring break travelers and summer vacationers, we’re going to be seeing lots of you.

But you’ve got to get here first and so we’ve gathered some great tips on packing, as well as traveling with children to help you get here without a hitch.

Packing tips for the pros:

  1. Ladies protect your bras by using these cleaver cases by CupCase. This way you won’t have to bend the underwire or worry about creases. They’re stylish too and can be put in the suitcase or carried alone as a bag.
  2. If you don’t want the soles of your shoes to touch your clothes while in your suitcase, place them in a cheap shower cap.
  3. Pack your bikinis in one of these cute bags so they’re easy to find and they’re also waterproof so you can pack wet suits at the end of your trip.
  4. Pack baby powder because it’s known to get sand off your skin quickly and easily!
  5. Also, don’t worry about packing your beach chairs, umbrellas or fishing rods because Hilton Head Outfitters has all of those for rent!

Here are also just a few awesome traveling with children tips:

  1. Want to pack healthy strawberries as a snack but don’t want the mess with the kids biting the tops off? Go ahead hull strawberries quickly with just a plastic straw!
  2. If your kids love cut apples but they brown too quickly, cut the apple and while it’s still all together place a rubber band around it to prevent browning.
  3. It seems like everyone has an iPad and iPhone these days and here’s a great lists of travel game apps that will certainly keep the kids -- young and old -- busy!

Do you have any great packing tips or ideas for traveling with kids? Please share! We hope to see lots of you in the next several months! 

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