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Get to Know: CaptainTrent Malphrus

Trent MalphrusIf you’re looking for a fishing guide, lesson and just someone to talk fish with, Trent Malphrus, we like to call him “Captain Trent,” is your man! He’s been fishing since he could walk and started working as a guide when he was 12 years old.

Growing up on Hilton Head Island, Trent had some of the best fishing surrounding him and he literally knows every nook and cranny of our waterways. We’re so pleased to say he truly believes the best Hilton Head fishing is in our 11-mile lagoon system!

February is a tough month to catch inshore fish so we’re thrilled that March is only a few days away! Trent says that March is just the beginning of some of the best fishing for the year. The longer days and shorter nights lets the fish know spring is on its way and the water begins to warm up slowly but surely.

What Trent is most interested in is all the live bait still left in the creeks. Since the winter was not cold enough for the bait to migrate to warmer water, they have remained here in Hilton Head’s creeks. What he does know is that our lagoon system will start to see Black Drum, Red Fish and Speckled Trout, all for you to catch!

The lagoon system in Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort holds some of the biggest trout on the east coast and there’s a lot of them. Trent’s largest catch ever was in the lagoon, a Red Drum that weighed in more than 50 pounds!

Captain Trent has worked with people of all ages and can help anyone reel in a big one. When his son was just 3 years old, Trent helped him snag a Red Trout and Black Drum. His oldest client was a 91-year-old fly fisherman who caught three Tarpon, which Trent says was an amazing experience.

Want to know more about Trent? Head over to Hilton Head Outfitters and set up a fishing excursion with him. It’s well worth it! 

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