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Shannon’s Back & Other Spring Shelter Cove Events

Weeknights on Hilton Head Island are back to the way they should be -- centered around Shannon Tanner’s family-fun evening performances, now in their 24th year, at the Shelter Cove Harbour gazebo.

While not the official start of HarbourFest (which begins in June), Shannon, known for his beanie hat -- propeller and all -- begins his spring set of performances Tuesday-Saturday now-Memorial Day at 6:30 p.m. After Memorial Day, he’ll perform twice in the evenings Monday-Friday at 6:30 & 8 p.m.

How did Shannon get his start? As a teen, he helped out on his dad’s shrimp boat that docked at another Hilton Head Island landmark, Hudson’s. One night after work, he played his guitar and, much to his surprise, attracted a crowd of tourists. A star was born.

But this star is pretty good at sharing the spotlight with children and their parents (many of whom were children themselves watching Shannon some 20 years ago). From one devoted parent who’s been returning year after year to Shelter Cove: 

I am the father of two girls and we have been vacationing at Hilton Head every year for the last 13 years. We have seen your show (usually multiple times) every year and I want to thank you for what you do. I commented to my wife and kids (now 22 and 26) that it is incredible to me that you must have done 1,500-2,000 shows over the years and each show seems like the first one you have ever done. You are amazingly upbeat and devoted to putting on a great show.

Because of his infectious levity, larger stars have shared their stages with him like Amy Grant, the Beach Boys, America, and Toby Keith. He’s also had the honor of performing private shows for President Ford, Vice President Dan Quayle and Henry Mancini, to name a few.

Come to Shelter Cove this spring to hear Shannon--and everyone else--sing “My Hair Had a Party Last Night,” “Twinkle Little Star Rap” and “Down to the Island.” We promise you’ll be humming it in your head all year…

Shannon’s not the only thing going on in Shelter Cove this spring. Some other upcoming events to add to your calendar include:

Spring is hoppin’ at Shelter Cove. See you there!

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