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Palmetto Dunes Teaches You to Play Golf Like Bubba!

Bubba's Master's ShotGolf fans around the world have been talking since April about “the shot” that PGA Tour professional Bubba Watson pulled out of his bag to win the 2012 Masters at Augusta National. 

The stone-cold hook seemed to defy physics as the ball flew off pine needles toward the fairway, seemingly making a hard right and landing on the green. (It’s a hook because Watson is left handed.) 

Learn some of those shots at our new “Bubba Golf” weekly series by PGA professional and Palmetto Dunes Director of Golf Instruction Doug Weaver. 

Doug will teach golfers how to be creative while mastering the game and have a blast along the way. Doug describes “Bubba Golf” as adventurous, light-hearted and instinctive. The program focuses on the mechanics of making specific trouble shots while learning to think less and focus better. Think of it--you’ll only slice when you want to. Imagine that. Doug vows to teach players how to increase their smiles and decrease their strokes. 

Join us for “Bubba Golf” every Thursday from 3-3:50 p.m. at the Robert Trent Jones Course at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort through August. The cost is $25 per session and is open to golfers ages 10 and older. “Bubba Golf” is one of 12 programs currently offered as part of the Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy. Private lessons are also available.

If you really want to pull off the total “Bubba” look, head to the Robert Trent Jones Course Pro Shop. It has the largest selection on Hilton Head Island of Travis Mathew, Bubba’s preferred label. You also can pick up a “Bubba Golf” T-shirt. 

To reserve a spot for “Bubba Golf,” call Palmetto Dunes toll free at 877-567-6513. Let us help bring out your inner “Bubba.”

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