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Play Golf Like a Pro: Tips to Make Your Hilton Head Golf Vacation More Fun and Less Frustrating

Hilton Head golf lessons Doug Weaver, head of golf instruction at Palmetto Dunes golf resort, is all about making the game of golf fun. He wants you to leave your stress behind when on your Hilton Head golf vacation, forget about throwing clubs and relax and enjoy the game.

Easier said than done, right?

According to Doug, he strives to make people “players”. He says, “a player is somebody who plays well without a perfect swing, understands the game and doesn’t get bogged down in all the mechanics.” A pro golfer who embodies that “player” mentality is Bubba Watson, a playful, imperfect golfer who gets the job done, but has fun while he’s doing it.

Palmetto Dunes offers a variety of classes at our Hilton Head Golf Academy that address these frustrations and helps bring the joy back to the game of golf. They include:

Bubba Golf – Learn how to play like Bubba in this weekly 50-minute class with Doug. The class focuses on the mechanics of making specific trouble shots while learning to think less and focus better.

Mental Golf Workshop – Part of our three-day Hilton Head golf school, the Mental Golf Workshop lets you complete a “golf personality” profile before beginning class. This helps Doug to better understand your personality and areas you need to work on, allowing him to personalize your instruction.

Off the Knees and Under a Branch – In Doug’s Short Game II workshop, he teaches you how to get out of the toughest situations on the course, even when you’re “on your knees, under a branch.” With the confidence that you can play your way out of a worst case scenario, your game will improve!

“Every round has failures in it, if you overreact, that’s how a lot of rounds are ruined,” says Doug. “Golf is fun. Learn how to handle those challenges, and that’s when you really have fun.”

The three championship courses at Palmetto Dunes lend themselves to having fun while you’re on your Hilton Head vacation. They are challenging but not too much so. They’re a good blend, says Doug, meeting the needs of every type of golfer.

Palmetto Dunes offers a range of options for South Carolina golf vacations, including a golf stay and play package, the Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy Package with two full days of instruction, monthly packages and more. Call us at (866) 744-7558 for more details.

So next time you feel like throwing a club out of frustration, remember these words from Weaver: “Golf is not a game of perfect. It’s a game of good.” And have fun out there!

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