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Get Mental with Your Golf Game in Hilton Head

South carolina golf instructionHere at Palmetto Dunes, we believe that improving your golf game often times starts in your head. Our Hilton Head golf school, the Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy, offers a variety of classes that work on your mental golf game. Our head of golf instruction, Doug Weaver, is a big proponent of spending time on the mind in order to improve your skills.

“The average person is so busy, they don’t have time to master the perfect golf game. Plus, every golfer is restricted by the limits of his physical skill,” says Doug. “The one thing within our control, however, is how we approach an overall round, a specific hole or a given shot.” 

We offer a Mental Golf Workshop weekly, as well as part of our three-day Hilton Head golf school. Before you even come to class, you’ll fill out a survey online, which takes about 15 minutes, that determines your golf personality. The result is a 24-page report that Doug uses to improve your game during the Hilton Head golf class. With the survey, you’ll get an analysis of your golf temperament, golf fitness tendencies and ability to work with instructors and get customized strategies for pre-round preparation, playing shots and course management.

Doug teaches his students how to concentrate and not just think on a conscious level, but a subconscious level. But he promises, no hypnotism involved :). “It’s a fun way to play golf,” says Doug.

He encourages his students to envision a good golf shot before ever taking a swing and even to try putting with eyes closed, or with eyes on the cup and not the ball.

Come try Doug’s methods of using your mind to become a better golf player. Read more about our 2- and 3-day golf schools and variety of golf clinics. Call us at 866-744-7558 to reserve your spot today or to book one of our South Carolina golf getaways that include lessons, tee times and accommodations.

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