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5 Golf Tips from Hilton Head Golf Pro Doug Weaver

Hilton Head golf instructionLooking to better your golf game this summer? We’ve got some tips from our very own Hilton Head golf pro and director of golf instruction Doug Weaver. From putting to your swing, he’s got some golf tips to make your summer of golf even better!

1) Sidehill lies are common and are rarely practiced. Here are some easy tips to remember: find a point in between your toes and heels where your balance feels like it is under your shoestrings, take multiple practice swings to allow your body to adjust to the feeling of that particular shot and ask your playing partner to watch where your ball goes so you can focus on making solid impact.
  2) Improve your chip! Measure the distance between the shaft back to the face with your finger. This tells you the loft. Then, if you want to see what the loft will do for you, lay the pitching wedge down on the ground and step on the head. This will tell you the trajectory. Now, place the ball in the middle, lean on your left foot and use your putting stroke. Remember; let the club do the work!
3) When putting, use your shoulders, or big muscles, to allow your little muscles, or your hands, to stay soft. The result is a naturally smooth, unhurried and consistent putt. It's easy to work against yourself by guiding the club instead of letting it do the work for you.
4) Swing the golf club like you are swinging a baseball bat on your slice. The traditional batting stroke allows the forearms to rotate in both the backswing and the forward hit. The golf swing needs the same forearm rotation to allow the clubhead to be square at impact.
5) Remember to swing “Nice and easy when it’s breezy” than trying to hit the ball through the wind! But the harder the swing, the more spin on the ball, which is only exaggerated by the wind. 

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