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Making New Memories at Palmetto Dunes

There’s no doubt that kids of all ages (including adults!) love Shannon Tanner, a longtime fixture at Harbourfest in Shelter Cove Harbour, our hallmark event of the year. Tourists and locals come from near and far to do the “crazy hair dance” and see Shannon don his trademark beanie each summer night while singing song after family-friendly song. But one recent visitor had an even more memorable experience than most: bonding with his daughter in a moment that he’ll never forget. This father wrote us to tell us how his 8-year-old daughter was upset that she was missing her school’s father/daughter dance because of their recent Hilton Head vacation. A little sad, she and her family headed out to Harbourfest and found themselves along with many families enjoying the fun that is Shannon Tanner. He writes: “It was about that time in the show where you asked the little girls to grab their dads for a song you were about to do. For the first time in the day she got excited and grabbed my hand and dragged me up to dance with her. You then sang a song I had never heard before and it was a moment in my life that I will never forget. It was Cinderella. As I listened to the words, I related to the song and couldn't hold back my emotions as I held my little girl while we danced together.” Later that night, she told him she was so happy because she got to dance with her dad after all. “I melted right then and there,” said the dad. “I have since downloaded the song from iTunes and can't listen to [it] without remembering that night and getting emotional.” We’re so glad that this family will have happy memories of Shelter Cove, Palmetto Dunes and Hilton Head forever, and we hope you’ll come make your own memories, as well.

5 Don't Miss Spots at Palmetto Dunes

When you vacation at Palmetto Dunes, you’ll be hard pressed to find yourself bored. But just in case there’s a moment that finds you wondering what to do next, we have 5 great don’t-miss activities that are part of the ultimate Palmetto Dunes experience. Stay tuned for future posts on more top activities at the resort!

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Paradise Found - A Wedding at Palmetto Dunes

We can't say enough about the wonderful job done by Nicole Guy and the Palmetto Dunes staff! We looked all over Hilton Head Island for the perfect location for our destination wedding, and Palmetto Dunes had the most beautiful and well cared for homes around. Nicole was able to help us put together the relaxed celebration that we dreamed of but didn't have the experience to plan. With the help of the Palmetto Dunes team we were able to enjoy the time with our friends and family rather than stressing out. And the food was amazing! Chris put together a dream menu that had everybody coming back for more. In fact, Nicole was even able to share one of the appetizer recipes with us so we could incorporate it into our first Thanksgiving dinner as a married couple. Palmetto Dunes treated us like family every step of the way. When we needed to make last minute changes to our honeymoon plans, they arranged for us to return to the home where we were married. It was a dream wedding and perfect honeymoon, and it was all spent at Palmetto Dunes!

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