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Here at Palmetto Dunes We Get Activities Right!

We love hearing what our guests have to say and hope that you give some Palmetto Dunes activities a try the next time you’re down in Hilton Head!

We love hearing what our guests have to say about their stay here at Palmetto Dunes or their experience doing all of our wonderful activities throughout the resort. Here is a collection of some great stories provided by our guests about their Hilton Head activities and why they loved doing them at Palmetto Dunes!

“My family just returned from a fantastic beach vacation on Hilton Head Island at Palmetto Dunes. We have vacationed all along the beaches of the East Coast and this was by far our favorite vacation of all. We have three kids between the ages of 5 and 12 and there was something for each one of them to enjoy, from canoeing to junior golf lessons to the surf camp. This is a perfect place for active families. The accommodations were wonderful, and we will definitely be back next year. The picture I posted is one of my 10-year-old's favorites from the trip -- he wants to learn how to sail next year. Thank you Palmetto Dunes!” -- Erin Milton

“We have been coming to Palmetto Dunes for five years in January and February. We love it! Golf and biking are two of our most favorite activities.” - Glen Field

“In early October I booked an afternoon inshore redfish trip with Trent. It was everything I hoped it could be. We started by sight casting to fish on the flats which was fun, then on the tide change moved to deeper water and live bait, which yielded several fish landed well over 35lbs.! A marvelous experience with an excellent guide!” -- Tim Stricker

“My friend, Kim, and I kayaked for the first time at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort in August. We had a blast! The people at Outfitters were so nice and made us feel safe. We will definitely kayak again next summer!”

We love hearing what our guests have to say and hope that you give some Palmetto Dunes activities a try the next time you’re down in Hilton Head!

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Fun Beach Games for the Whole Family

There are lots of great activities to do on the beach from swimming and building sand castles to jogging and surfing, but a great way to get in some family bonding time is to turn the beach into a game board!

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Palmetto Dunes POA Wins Beautification Award

The Island Beautification Association has named our plantation entrance the best-looking planted garden fronting William Hilton Parkway. The association judges the entrances from a moving vehicle in order to fairly visualize the impact of the plants.

According to The Island Packet, “It was a close contest. All agreed that the entrance plantings grow more beautiful each year. And the winner, with a score of 95 percent, is Palmetto Dunes. The plantation has that mix of sun-loving dwarf duranta, croton, pentas and hibiscus married just right with the softer colors of geraniums and angelonia, while the green of ‘Pringles’ dwarf podocarpus gives out a welcome cooling effect.”

We knew our entrance was awesome and glad someone else noticed! Congrats to the Palmetto Dunes POA who maintains the entrance and keeps it looking beautiful!!

Tee Up in June for Women’s Golf Month

While many women are purchasing golf-related items for the dads in their life, they should be the ones hitting the links this month! June is Women’s Golf Month and we have some wonderful ways to celebrate golf in Hilton Head.

Get a group of your girlfriends together for 4 days/ 3 nights of golf, sun and fun with our Group Golf Getaway package. This package gives you the opportunity to try all three of our courses in addition to discounts in all our pro shops!

There’s nothing better than having a pro teach you the basics or help you perfect that swing and we have just the pro to help you here at Palmetto Dunes. Doug Weaver, who’s graced the greens at the US Open and was previously a PGA TOUR player, has several dedicated programs just for the ladies. Besides enhancing your short game, putting or working on your full swing you can also receive a $25 spa gift card to help you unwind!

Ladies, pack up your clubs, shoes, visors and khakis and come see us in Palmetto Dunes this month for some great golf and great fun!

Check out this great golf video too!

Car Games for Kids

While some of you may be just one state away from our beautiful beaches, others of you may be driving from the northeast, Midwest or even farther. We know that hearing the words “Are we there yet?” every 10 minutes is not any parent’s idea of a pleasant drive. So we’ve compiled a few tips to keep the younger members of your family occupied as they head to and head home from Palmetto Dunes.

License Plates

This is an oldie, but goodie. Make a list of all the states before you get in the car (or look it up on your iPhone or iPad J) and charge the kids with looking for license plates from each state. See how many you can spot.

Car Colors

Let each member choose a car color. Then challenge your crew to be the first to spot 10, 15 or 20 cars of that color.

Eye Spy

This is a great game for preschool and even toddler-age kids. Each person takes a turn “spying” an item and telling everyone the color (“Eye spy with my little eye something [insert color]…”). Then each family member takes a turn guessing until they are correct. Then it’s that person’s turn to “spy” something.

Car Scavenger Hunt

Ask your kids to draw pictures or write words on index cards for 50 or so items they might see while driving to Palmetto Dunes. Let each child randomly draw an equal allotment of cards. The first person to match up all their cards with items they spot wins!

Word Game

Have each family member think of a word at least 10 letters long. Then, look for the letters, in order, on any signs you pass. The first person to find all their letters, in order, wins!

Grab Bag

Consider heading to the Everything’s a Dollar store before you head out. Grab a bunch of toys, workbooks, cards and a few treats and pack them all in a grab bag. Whenever someone wins a game or needs something new to break up the trip, let them pick an item out of the grab bag.

What games have you found that work well to keep your kids occupied in the car?


A Day of Art on the Water

With a backdrop itself a work of art, Hilton Head will host the annual Art Festival at Shelter Cove Harbour Memorial Day weekend May 28 and 29. The free event runs 10 a.m.-5 p.m. each day .

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A Wedding With a View

Many couples dream of a beach wedding with the tide rolling behind them and their toes in the sand. The team at Palmetto Dunes helps that dream come true for many a bride and groom every year. Here’s what many of them had to say about their amazing ceremonies:

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Hilton Head Island: Beyond the Beach

When you think of Hilton Head Island, what comes to mind? Beautiful beaches? Relaxing getaway? We want you to think lots and lots of stuff to do when you think of Hilton Head, and especially Palmetto Dunes.

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Tee Up on Thursdays at Golf Fest

If you’re a Beaufort County resident, it’s time to take advantage of our Thursday afternoon Golf Fest event. Join us each week from 3:30 to 4 p.m. (time varies seasonally) and learn more about each of our three golf courses over a period of three weeks. It’s only $20 to play 9 holes and we provide chicken wings and beer afterward! Golf Fest is a way for Beaufort County residents to experience our courses and meet our pros – and learn more about becoming Palmetto Dunes golf members. If you’re interested, contact Samm Wolfe at the George Fazio Course at 843-816-1571.