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Course Map

Robert Trent Jones Course Overview
Tee Gender USGA Rating Slope Rating
Gold Gold M 74.7 137
Blue Blue M 72.4 132
White White M 70.2 129
Red Red Senior 67.9 124
White White F 74.4 125
Green Green F 68.9 112
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 1

Hole Number: 1

Par: 4

This straightaway par 4 calls for an accurate tee shot. The approach shot is to an elevated green, so use enough club to carry the large bunker guarding the front left side.

Championship 389
Intermediate 361
Middle 331
Forward 299
Short 183
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 2

Hole Number: 2

Par: 4

A lagoon crosses in front of this green. Big hitters should consider going with an iron off the tee. The left center of the fairway is your target here.

Championship 387
Intermediate 375
Middle 352
Forward 270
Short 102
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 3

Hole Number: 3

Par: 4

On this short dogleg right par 4, position your tee shot to the left of the bunker. The fairway narrows as you get closer to the green, so long drives can get you in trouble.

Championship 370
Intermediate 355
Middle 331
Forward 276
Short 70
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 4

Hole Number: 4

Par: 5

A good drive is needed here if you're looking for a birdie. A solid second shot leaves you with a short iron approach to this deep green.

Championship 582
Intermediate 557
Middle 508
Forward 440
Short 303
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 5

Hole Number: 5

Par: 3

We suggest playing to the center of the green to avoid the heavy bunker complex that surrounds it. If you go to the right of the green - you'll be happy with a bogey.

Championship 204
Intermediate 182
Middle 167
Forward 111
Short 85
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 6

Hole Number: 6

Par: 4

On this difficult par 4, your tee shot should be left of center to allow you the best second shot angle. The approach is to an elevated green and requires an extra club.

Championship 422
Intermediate 405
Middle 379
Forward 317
Short 224
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 7

Hole Number: 7

Par: 4

Don't underestimate the drive on this demanding par 4. Now is the time for a good tee shot. From the back tees, the carry over the water gets longer the further right you go.

Championship 410
Intermediate 389
Middle 373
Forward 294
Short 106
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 8

Hole Number: 8

Par: 3

This very scenic par 3 can be intimidating. It is of medium length from the regular tee, and is testy from the back tee. This green is very shallow, so correct club selection is critical.

Championship 227
Intermediate 196
Middle 162
Forward 89
Short 76
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 9

Hole Number: 9

Par: 5

This par 5 doglegs to the right around the lagoon. In turn, the right side fairway bunker guards the lagoon; avoid it with a straight tee shot.

Championship 522
Intermediate 484
Middle 465
Forward 435
Short 250
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 10

Hole Number: 10

Par: 5

This straightaway par 5 signature hole usually plays into a prevailing wind. It will take three solid shots to reach the green. Once you reach the putting surface, a breathtaking view of the ocean awaits.

Championship 550
Intermediate 529
Middle 495
Forward 435
Short 191
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 11

Hole Number: 11

Par: 4

This par 4 generally plays downwind. The tee shot needs to be straight as a lagoon sneaks into play on the right side. Any approach that slides right will most likely find that lagoon.

Championship 405
Intermediate 383
Middle 356
Forward 237
Short 130
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 12

Hole Number: 12

Par: 3

Well bunkered and over water, this par 3 features a green much longer that it appears

Championship 168
Intermediate 154
Middle 141
Forward 105
Short 96
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 13

Hole Number: 13

Par: 4

Proper strategy off the tee is critical on this par 4. A good tee shot leaves you with a short approach. Water parallels the fairway on the right side.

Championship 398
Intermediate 353
Middle 329
Forward 220
Short 99
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 14

Hole Number: 14

Par: 4

This straightforward dogleg right has water that parallels the entire length of the fairway. The green is deep, so correct club selection on the approach is important.

Championship 443
Intermediate 411
Middle 383
Forward 355
Short 151
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 15

Hole Number: 15

Par: 5

This straightaway par 5 has out-of-bounds left and water right. Avoid the fairway bunkers and you should have an easy approach for your third. Longer hitters can reach this green in two.

Championship 531
Intermediate 510
Middle 494
Forward 429
Short 224
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 16

Hole Number: 16

Par: 4

Place your tee shot left of center to avoid the fairway bunker on the right side. The elevated green causes many to come up short on their second shot.

Championship 386
Intermediate 358
Middle 344
Forward 333
Short 112
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 17

Hole Number: 17

Par: 3

This nice par 3 is well guarded by bunkers. The key here is to focus on playing to the center of the green. Miss this green to the right and you might find some water!

Championship 204
Intermediate 183
Middle 160
Forward 90
Short 83
Robert Trent Jones Course Hole 18

Hole Number: 18

Par: 4

Out of bounds runs along both sides of this dogleg left par 4. Accuracy off this tee is a must to avoid the fairway bunkers. A well-placed tee shot should leave you with a medium iron to another well-bunkered green.

Championship 407
Intermediate 385
Middle 352
Forward 300
Short 140

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