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Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals


Benefits of booking with Palmetto Dunes:

  • Up to 15% off resort dining, bike rentals, golf and more!
  • Complimentary Tennis & Pickleball court time when available.
  • Save more when you stay longer! Ask our vacation rental experts.
  • Palmetto Dunes Rentals are exclusively for 3 – 7+ nights.
  • Some rentals may require Saturday to Saturday summer stays.

Home & Villa Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Tee Times

Tee Times


Benefits of playing at Palmetto Dunes:

  • Book online in advance and save up to 15%!
  • Multi-round rates available. Call to start saving.
  • Three distinct and memorable championship courses you'll love to come back to. Which one will be your favorite?

Golf Course Frequently Asked Questions

Bike Rentals & More

Bike/Beach Rentals & Lagoon Activities

Benefits of renting at Palmetto Dunes:

  • We offer the highest quality new rental equipment on the island.
  • Free delivery/pickup for 3+ day rentals. On-site hourly rentals available. Same day delivery available before 4 p.m.
  • Island's largest assortment of bikes, kayaks/canoes & beach accessories.

Bike Rentals and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Fishing & Water Sports

Marina Fishing & Water Sports

Learn more about Shelter Cove Marina activities:

  • Shelter Cove Marina is just off the Intracoastal Waterway and is centrally located on Hilton Head Island across from Palmetto Dunes.
  • All boats have U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captains.
  • For fishing all tackle, bait & ice are included. Fish are cleaned and bagged.

Shelter Cove Marina Frequently Asked Questions

Resort Blog

  • Posted on 7th Nov 2016, 11:44 am

    Cozy Couples Getaway at Palmetto Dunes Itinerary

    Winter is fast approaching and the holidays are just on the horizon. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the season rain on the romance in your relationship! This year, fall in love with a couple’s getaway to Palmetto Dunes, complete with intimate accommodation, romantic recreation, and secluded stretches of beautiful scenery.

    Find out why low season in Lowcountry is the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway with this three-day couple’s itinerary:

    Day 1

    Morning: Explore the Island

    Start the day with coffee and a gourmet treat from Hilton Head Social Bakery. Then, you can’t help but fall even more in love while walking hand-in-hand around our picturesque paradise. Exploring the island is a wonderful way to disconnect from the world and reconnect with each other.

    Afternoon: Activities for Two

    Head to Hilton Head Outfitters and get ready for some kinetic connection. Come together and ride a bicycle built for two along the beach and through our extensive bike paths, or paddle down our peaceful inland lagoon system. Not only will you have some precious alone time you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

    Evening: Romantic Night Out

    Finish your day off by sipping cocktails and enjoying a candlelit dinner at an oceanfront restaurant in Shelter Cove Harbour.

    Day 2

    Morning: Slow Start

    Another perfect couple’s day awaits you on Hilton Head Island, but first coffee and brunch. Once you’ve satisfied your early morning appetite, take a romantic walk along the beach.

    Afternoon: Couple’s Competition

    What better way to turn up the heat in your relationship than with a friendly competition? Spend the afternoon finding love with a game of tennis or pickleball.

    Evening: The Love Boat

    Hopeless romantics know that there’s nothing like cozying up together as you set sail on the open water. Shelter Cove Marina offers several sunset cruises that will steal your heart and allow you to steal a kiss.

    Day 3

    Morning: Rest and Relax

    Good morning, love birds! You’re on vacation so take some time to sleep in and enjoy your luxury love nest. With oceanfront views, your resort villa is the perfect place for a cuddle session.

    Afternoon: Spa Day

    There’s no better way to set the tone for romance than with a trip to the spa. Pamper your partner with a relaxing treatment such as a couple’s massage or therapeutic body scrub.

    Evening: Beach Bliss

    Whisk your partner away for a private moment on the beach. Cuddled on the sand, with the sounds of waves crashing in the background and the glow of sunset over the ocean, you’ll be in a lover’s paradise.

    Longing for a romantic rendezvous on Hilton Head Island? Check out our romance packages and plan your couple’s getaway to Palmetto Dunes today. To take your romance to new heights, customize a vacation just for you and your sweetheart – simply call 866-650-4130.

  • Posted on 19th Oct 2015, 5:04 pm

    12 Tips for Taking the Perfect Travel Photo at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort


    Hold your camera or phone in a horizontal position. This way, you can capture more stunning Hilton Head scenery and then crop for Instagram if you need to.


    Whether you have the latest and greatest professional camera or simply your cell phone, know the tool you are working with.

    Digital cameras have tons of setting options to allow you the best photo possible. Read your camera’s manual to make the most of each photo.

    Who needs a fancy camera when you always have your phone on hand? Your smartphone can take beautiful pictures too! Learning the settings of your camera and how to use them makes taking brilliant photos a snap!


    Don’t hesitate to get dirty! How cool would a picture of the waves rolling in be if it was taken from the sand instead of standing at the water’s edge? Think outside the box to find unique camera angles that capture an image in an unexpected way.


    Explore your phone’s app store for a variety of camera apps and photo editors. Apps allow you to tweak the brightness, colors and sharpness of your image, and often have cool filters too! Change a photo from good to great with the help of a little “studio work”. Some of our favorites are: VSCOcam, Camu (iPhone only) and PicsArt.


    Most mobile cameras allow you to focus the photo by pressing your finger on the screen where you want to center the focus. This can be a helpful tool when trying to take a portrait of the family before an awesome kayaking trip with Hilton Head Outfitters, or to kick it up a notch and focus on the condensation of your perfectly frozen drink at the Dunes House. Making the focal point of your photo stand out makes for excellent pictures.


    Is there anything more beautiful than watching your kids nap on the beach as the sun sets after a long day of playing in the ocean? Can anything outdo the view on Jones Hole 10 as the sun climbs into the sky? It’s important to think of the lighting when you’re capturing these memories with your camera. Is the light in front or behind you? Is it harsh and casting shadows or causing a soft glow? We love soft lighting, like at sunrise and sunset; the silhouettes are uncanny.


    Hilton Head Island is a beautiful place. Capture Hilton Head Island wildlife with some nature shots! Clouds, birds, gators, sunrays, and even rainstorms make for stunning imagery. Make use of a good zoom lens to capture the detail of bird in the distance, or use burst mode or a faster shutter speed to get the perfect shot of a gator as it shoots by. Walk, kayak, or ride your bike, and make the time to take it in.


    Apps like Instagram have us drooling over delicious food all the time. Why not add some foodie shots into your vacation album? Try framing one of Big Jim’s mouth-watering burgers, or snap a shot of your buddy taking the first sip of a cold beer after 18-holes on Hills.


    Placing the subject of your photo off-center is an example of the rule of thirds and can often make for a more interesting photo. Many cameras and phone cameras have grid functions to help you align your focal point (think 18th green flag).


    Nothing can ruin a photo like a stranger strolling through your special moment or one of the kids picking their nose during your family portrait. Check the frame to make sure your photo is capturing exactly what you want. When in doubt – take another!


    It’s important to clean the lens of your camera - especially when using your phone. Post bike ride you might have some glistening sweat to clear, or after a Palmetto Dunes General Store visit you might need to rid the lens of the legendary cinnamon roll icing. A clean lens means clarity and sharpness in your pics.

    12. LET GO!

    Forgo the filter! Don’t suck in for your bathing suit photo! Who cares if Tommy has ice cream stains on his brand new shirt? The best part about being on vacation is relaxing and experiencing new things with your loved ones. So let loose! Sometimes the best photos are taken when no one is paying attention, and instead they are just enjoying their time at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort.

    Have a photo tip to share? Comment below! Want to share your favorite vacation photos with Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @PalmettoDunesSC and “Like” us on Facebook. Say cheese and use the hashtag #PalmettoDunes!

  • Posted on 5th Jun 2015, 11:12 am

    #MyIslandTime: Win a Stay at Palmetto Dunes Resort!

    Vacations shouldn’t be go, go, go. They should be slow, slow, slow. Here on Hilton Head Island, we travel at our own pace. And when you vacation at Palmetto Dunes, you do too. You’re living on island time now.

    This summer, tag your Palmetto Dunes vacation photos or videos with #MyIslandTime on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You could win another stay at our resort this fall!

    Make sure you visit to enter the contest. If you win, you’ll receive a three-night stay at Palmetto Dunes, with complimentary bicycle and kayak rentals!