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This Father-Son Golf Lesson with Doug Weaver Created Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

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Sports have a great way of bringing people together, especially when it comes to parents bonding with their kids. Dave and his son Michael traveled all the way from New York to take multiple golf lessons with Doug Weaver at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. Dave told us, “Father-son time is incredibly important and there’s nothing better than playing golf with your son. Playing lessons here are very helpful. Doug is a great instructor; he is very encouraging and makes the entire trip a joy.” Watch the video above for Dave’s testimonial and read on for more insight into their time here at Palmetto Dunes. 

father and son with Doug Weaver on the greens of a golf lesson
man practicing his putt on the golf course with Doug Weaver and son watching
two men squatting over golf ball looking at hole with Doug Weaver

Hilton Head Island Golf Academy

Doug Weaver, Director of Golf Instruction and a former PGA Tour Pro, was excited to get the opportunity to work Dave and Michael and help them grow as players. Over the course of a few days, they were able to spend their mornings and afternoons in golf and playing lessons. 

father and son practicing foot placement for chipping with Doug Weaver
father and son practicing chipping with Doug Weaver

They would start the day with some drills. The flamingo drill (pictured above) is focused on improving chipping and it helps force you to put more weight on your left foot. They worked on the fundamentals of putting and chipping for an hour, moved on to driving techniques and then played a round on the Robert Trent Jones Course with Doug's guidance. 

son puts his ball into the whole with Doug Weaver holding the flag

Lessons Focused on the Golf Fundamentals

Doug went on to let us know the benefits of participating in a playing lesson. “Old habits can creep back into your round. You must stay diligent and keep on the fundamentals you learned in the lesson to build up new habits. During a play lesson, myself or another Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy professional will give you guidance as you play a real round of golf.”  

son practicing his drive during a lesson with father and Doug Weaver looking on
golfer post swing during lessons at Palmetto Dunes

Michael started out with a tighter grip and stance, so Doug worked with him on building a loose and relaxed approach.

golfer mid swing during golf lesson at Palmetto Dunes
golfer post swing during lessons at Palmetto Dunes

One of the techniques Doug really worked on with Dave was direction and stance. By placing a golf club in the direction of the flag and keeping his feet parallel to it, Doug was able to fix Dave’s aim and provide him with more confidence in his stance and swing.

golfer post swing with son and Doug Weaver looking on

Dave and Michael both grew as players and individuals during their time here. They overcame challenges, celebrated triumphs, and traded high fives along the way. On the last day Dave said, “We both got better in our time here. We look forward to playing together when we get home and enjoying the game for the rest of our lives.” On what they took from his lesson, Doug added “They picked up great golf mechanics and an understanding of the true spirit of the game.”

father and son with Doug Weaver during golf lessons at Palmetto Dunes

Thank you, Dave and Michael, for coming to take a lesson with Doug Weaver here at Palmetto Dunes. Add to your Hilton Head golf experience by taking a Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy lesson with our professional staff here at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort including our Director of Instruction Doug Weaver himself!

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