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Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy instructor Michael Decker demonstrates putting and pitching fundamentals

Michael Decker is a professional golf instructor here at Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy who is passionate about helping guests improve their golf knowledge and technique. His approach to golf instruction is simple, relaxed, fun and informative! Decker goes over the fundamentals of putting and the basics of pitching in these videos below.   

The 5 P’s of Putting: Proper Posture Promotes Proper Path

Good putting fundamentals withstand pressure, especially when it comes to making those final shots. Focus on practicing your posture with these steps shown. 

  • Remember: Proper Posture Promotes Proper Path

  • Keep your elbows close to your body, bend your knees, line your feet up with your shoulders and stay over the ball 

  • Practice your form and repeat these steps above

Pitching power lies in your hips and thighs 

A pitch shot is typically 40 - 50 yards from the green, ascends higher, and requires more body movement from your swing than a chip. Chipping is a short game shot that rolls farther than it flies and requires slightly less body movement than a pitch. 

Pitching Takeaways:

  • For a pitch, you are looking to hit your ball farther than a chip 

  • The key to hitting a good pitch shot is lengthening your back swing a bit, adding power from your hips and thighs, and moving your shoulders towards the target

  • To use your hips - get your right knee to pivot towards your left knee, turn your hips and point your belly button towards your target, point your right heel towards the target, along with your shoulders  

  • Keep your weight forward and swing through

  • Practice your form and repeat these steps above 

Add to your Hilton Head golf experience by taking a Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy lesson with our professional staff here at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

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