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Celebrate National Play Tennis Day at Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center

Tips from Our Pros

It’s time to celebrate National Play Tennis Day with Eric Wammock, the Director of Tennis Instruction here at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort! Watch, listen, and learn as Eric inspires you to try these new tennis tips below.

Rallying for beginners (and warming up for accomplished players)

Learn more about how to rally as a beginner or someone returning to the sport, and how to better warm up for advanced players.

  • Start your racquet at the contact point and give the ball a short follow through – this isolates the ability to control the ball slowly between you and your tennis partner

  • Practice bumping the ball back and forth to get a fun volley going

  • Once you start to back up on the court, follow through more with your swing

  • Allow the bump hit to create a rhythm between players

Serving is like throwing

Improve your serve and learn more about serves and how they are like throwing a ball.

  • Remember the serve is nothing more than a throw

  • Practice by throwing a tennis ball behind your ear and forward

  • Initiate the shoulder turn

  • You can throw an old racquet far and forward in the yard to add more weight

  • Wait until the ball is at the top to hit with a racquet

  • Stay loose and free with your form

Time to apply these tips and take to the courts on #NationalPlayTennisDay. Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort is located on Hilton Head Island with court time and lessonsavailable. 

Call the Tennis Center at 888-879-2053 for questions and to book.    

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