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A Heart-Warming Palmetto Dunes Reunion

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We had a very special group here in Palmetto Dunes recently and you can watch the video above for more insight. Fourteen-year-old Skylar, was born with only half a heart. His doctor, Yulia, was the one who performed his heart transplant operation and has become a special part of the family through this process. 

Dr. Yulia holding Baby Skylar wearing a onesie that says
Dr. Yulia and Skylar with family at a restaurant

When Skylar was born, the Myers family started quite a journey, but luckily, they were paired with an excellent team of doctors. Dr. Yulia helped take care of Skylar from birth and the Myers were surrounded with support, care, and love. The Myers parents were so grateful that they spent their daily meal tickets at the hospital on goodies for the doctors and nurses. 

The decorated hospital room Skylar resided in held his favorite phrase, “Always Believe”. Even his nickname in the ICU was “Rockstar.” His spirit was such a light for everyone around him. Dr. Yulia and her team performed an incredible heart transplant to save his life and the surgery was a success.

Dr. Yulia with arm around Skylar after dinner

In our video above, Rikki Myers, Skylar’s mom, said Dr. Yulia was really Skylar’s guardian angel. She has been there over years for them for anything they needed and they are blessed to have been able to maintain this relationship over the years. 

group of family and friends holding tennis rackets on the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Courts

While talking at the hospital, Dr. Yulia and the Myers discovered that they were both vacationing at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. Now Skylar's family looks forward to meeting up every year to play tennis at Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center with Dr. Yulia & other family friends.

group actively playing tennis on Palmetto Dunes Tennis Court

Dr. Yulia told us, “I am very proud of Skylar. I am so proud of our relationship and the fact that I’ve got to see the amazing young man that he is.” And Skylar agrees.

Skylar serving the tennis ball on the tennis court

Skylar is not able to play contact sports because of his heart transplant, but he has found a love for tennis.

Skylar and Dr. Yulia posing on a bench on the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Courts
Skylar, his mom, and Dr. Yulia posing on the tennis courts of Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center

Thank you to the Myers family, Skylar, and Dr. Yulia for sharing the story of how you all came together at Palmetto Dunes!

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