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Celebrate National Pickleball Month with these tips from Palmetto Dunes’ Director of Pickleball Instruction Sarah Ansboury

Tips from Our Pros

April is National Pickleball Month! Sarah Ansboury, Director of Pickleball Instruction at Palmetto Dunes, has provided three fun video tips to help you improve your game from anywhere.

Keep Your Paddle Above the Net

  • Keep your paddle above the net and out in front of you

  • This paddle ready position prepares you for any high ball, outside ball or low ball 

Paddle should be the first thing that gets to the ball

  • Keep your paddle out in front of you

  • Your paddle should be the first thing that gets to the ball

  • To practice, toss the ball in front of you and move right through your shot 

  • Move consistently through your shots at a steady speed

  • Point your paddle to where you want the ball to go

Work on serving stance and consistency

  • Consistency and accuracy when you practice your serve

  • Keep your front foot locked into the ground and push off to allow your back foot 

  • Transfer your weight from your back foot to the front foot

  • Have your ball drop away from your body 

  • Make sure your contact point is following through on the court

  • Pick your target before you strike the ball 

  • Release the ball and use a good follow through to guide you towards your target

Pickleball is a sport for all ages and levels. Encourage one another to come experience the community and positive atmosphere this sport creates! Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, located on Hilton Head Island, has 24 pickleball courts with a knowledgeable staff that hosts clinics, lessons and round robins year round. To schedule your next Hilton Head pickleball lesson, call the Palmetto Dunes Tennis and Pickleball Center at 888-926-8784.

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