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Tennis Tips for Couples in Time for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is fast approaching and when it comes to tips for a healthy relationship, Palmetto Dunes Head Tennis Professional, Eric Wammock, advises that one of the best tips is learning how to better communicate in mixed doubles with your loved one.​  

First, you must always be supportive of your partner regardless of whom is the better player.  It is also best to communicate as if you are playing with someone you’ve just met.  You would treat new acquaintances with a respect that is sometimes forgotten when interacting with someone close to you. 

Both players may have strong ideas about what to do and how to play as well.  It is best to listen to your partner and give their ideas consideration – even a weaker player many times sees things that seasoned players sometimes miss.  

And lastly, quite often the male player in mixed doubles decides that he will dominate the conversation.  Eric has seen it countless times.  Discretion is the better part of valor, so be supportive and let it end at that.  If the female decides to dominate the conversation, just be quiet and take it like a man.

For better tips on the real strategies for both Doubles communication and strategy and tactics, join Palmetto Dunes’ award winning Competitive Doubles class from 9:30 - 11 a.m. daily.  We can save your doubles game and maybe your relationship!

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