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From beginning golfers to scratch handicaps, to men, women and children of every age, Palmetto Dunes Toptracer Range is fun for all

Planning Your Vacation

We think one of the coolest things about the Toptracer Range at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort is the wide-ranging assortment of individuals and groups of all ages and abilities you’ll see enjoying the fun.

Toptracer Range Screen

Golf Swing Analyzer

Accelerate Your Golf Swing Progress with Toptracer Range Technology

When Palmetto Dunes upgraded its Robert Trent Jones practice range and learning center two years ago, it became the first resort in the entire southeast to introduce Toptracer in a covered, high-tech golf driving range that allows guests to compete against friends, play virtual courses and receive instant shot feedback.

Hitting ball at Toptracer Range

Embracing the state-of-the-art technology used during televised PGA Tour events to track the shots of the game’s best players while also providing ways for all types of golfers to have fun and improve, the new amenity became an instant game-changer. High-speed cameras with sophisticated computer algorithms providing instantaneous ball-tracking information that was once considered exclusive to the game’s best is now accessible and enjoyable for all at Palmetto Dunes.

Explaining screen at Toptracer Range

The addition of Toptracer Range continued Palmetto Dunes’ already robust programming aimed at growing the sport, improving golfers’ games, and attracting and developing new participants.

Hitting Ball at Toptracer Range

Enjoy Your Favorite Game on Hilton Head Island Rain or Shine

Palmetto Dunes guests hit balls from underneath a sun- and rain-blocking awning in the Toptracer Range’s 14 hitting bays while enjoying food and beverage service, and there is a VIP area for larger groups from eight to 10 players. The Toptracer Range quickly became so popular that Palmetto Dunes added lights so guests could continue to play golf and have fun after dark until 10 p.m. (seasonal hours).

Rainy Day play at Toptracer Range
Rainy Day at Toptracer Range

So, naturally, along with retaining current members, Toptracer Range also began attracting new guests. A Toptracer Range “Loyal-Tee Program” has even been added through the Palmetto Dunes Golf app, where repeat customers can purchase five baskets of 100 balls at the Toptracer Range and receive a sixth basket of 100 balls free.

Hitting balls at Toptracer Range

The Perfect Place for your next Corporate Event, Reunion, or Wedding Festivities 

Playing at Fazio Golf Course

Which brings us back to the cornucopia of participants we have observed enjoying the Palmetto Dunes Toptracer Range. Sure, there are plenty of golfers warming up for their rounds on one of the resort’s three award-winning golf courses designed by Robert Trent Jones, Arthur Hills and George Fazio. But there is so much more.

Wedding Welcome Party at Toptracer Range
Party at Toptracer Range

You’ll see families playing Toptracer games together while eating dinner; bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding welcome parties, groups of friends, and other sorts of events. There are men, women and children, beginning golfers and scratch handicaps.

Cornhole at Toptracer Range

Yet, they all have one thing in common: They are all having a blast enjoying the Palmetto Dunes Toptracer Range.

Food and Games at Toptracer Range

“Palmetto Dunes is already so family oriented, but taking this from a driving range to an entertainment center means that the golf course can be a place for the entire family. We’re really proud of that,” said Director of Golf Clark Sinclair.

Hitting balls at Toptracer

Of course, proper golf attire is required. Resort casual attire is recommended (collared shirts, closed-toed shoes, non-beachwear etc.).

or additional information and to book a bay in advance online (recommended).
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