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Resort Blog

  • Posted on 17th Dec 2019, 9:58 am

    Palmetto Dunes Director of Golf Instruction Doug Weaver named one of South Carolina’s best teachers by Golf Digest magazine

    In the December-January issue of Golf Digest, the venerable magazine ranks the “Best Teachers in Every State” as voted on by their peers in the golf instruction industry.

    One of golf’s most comprehensive nationwide rankings, the magazine has identified, “651 great instructors who fix swings near you” by surveying more than 1,500 golf instructors across the United States.

    Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort on Hilton Head Island is pleased to announce that its longtime Director of Instruction, former PGA Tour professional Doug Weaver, is ranked among the best teachers in the state of South Carolina.

    “This is a vote from my peers, so I am genuinely humbled,” said Weaver, who was inducted in the Lowcountry Golf Hall of Fame in 2017 and has previously been awarded Hilton Head Island’s “PGA Teacher of the Year.” In 2017, Weaver was also named “Teacher of the Year” for the Carolinas section of the PGA of America (CPGA). He has served on the CPGA Teachers Committee for three years.

    In addition, Weaver was recently awarded the 2019 “Player of the Year” for the CPGA’s Lowcountry area, which includes Charleston, Beaufort, Jasper, and Colleton Counties. “I’ve done what I ask my students to do,” Weaver said. “I’ve been willing to update my techniques in all areas of my game. Palmetto Dunes is an excellent place to practice and play on its challenging and uplifting courses.”

    In addition to its trio of outstanding golf courses, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort operates one of the world’s top golf academies — including TPI Fitness, 3D instruction with Gears Golf and a top-50 club-fitting program — which offers a variety of instructional programs for golfers of all skill levels. Weaver heads a staff of outstanding PGA Class A professionals averaging 17 years of instruction, who provide hands-on instruction to golfers with proficiency and expertise.

    “A ranking like this is quite an honor considering the number of exceptional instructors there are, in one of the country’s best states for golf,” said Palmetto Dunes Vice President of Resort Operations Brad Marra. “All of us at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort are proud to have Doug Weaver head up our outstanding team of golf instructors.”

    Weaver once made history on the PGA Tour. As a rookie in 1989, during a breathtaking span of one hour and 50 minutes, Weaver became the first of four U.S. Open contenders at Oak Hill Country Club to ace the sixth hole. Nick Price, Jerry Pate and Mark Wiebe were the other three. Weaver has recorded 10 hole-in-ones during his career.

    That historic event became one of many highlights in Weaver’s professional career. He captured 15 mini-tour titles and played in PGA Tour events during six years spanning three decades, including three Top-25 finishes. Weaver played and practiced with many of the game’s greatest including Tom Watson, Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Paul Azinger, Vijay Singh, Lee Trevino, Payne Stewart and many others.

    Weaver first moved to Hilton Head as a 17-year-old prep athlete. He was taught and influenced by Sam Snead, Davis Love II and Jack Nicklaus — and he played with a left-sided swing. “In 2004, in my drive to be the best teacher I can be, I started practicing a modern approach to golf,” said Weaver, who starred at Furman University alongside Brad Faxon. “I’ve found a more natural and aggressive swing that is dependable in competition.”

    All his PGA Tour experiences and passionate desire to excel in coaching have trained Weaver well to help in his ultimate calling as a coach to golfers from beginners to professionals. “The sensitive, hands-on instruction is effective and efficient,” he said. “Our patient coaches will help you kindle or rekindle your love of golf.”

    To sign up for one of Weaver’s free, Monday clinics at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort or any of its other world-class golf instruction programs, please call 866-744-7558 or visit

  • Posted on 10th Oct 2019, 9:47 am

    Golf at Palmetto Dunes: A seasoned enthusiast reflects on his recent trip

    by Guest Blogger Jordan Fuller

    Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort has become one of the most sought-after destinations for families, couples and — with its three spectacular courses — golfers as well. Having celebrated its 50th anniversary recently, this oceanfront resort has become one of the finest east coast backdrops for creating a wonderful oceanside vacation.

    The resort’s 5-star golf serves as the centerpiece.

    The trio of widely acclaimed courses at Palmetto Dunes have built a reputation through the years for their challenging layouts and stunning natural beauty. The Arthur Hills, George Fazio and Robert Trent Jones courses at Palmetto Dunes all share similar characteristics, but remain wholly singular in their personality and playing experience.

    When I made my first-ever golfing trip to the oceanside resort, I headed first to the Robert Trent Jones course. Built in 1967 by Robert Trent Jones Sr., this course is known for being the most accessible of the three resort courses. Taking that into account, I thought it would be the perfect choice to play first.

    As you play the RTJ Sr. layout, you’ll be knocked out by the luxurious views of the nearby Atlantic Ocean throughout the round. Yes, the opening nine does run alongside the adjacent highway, but that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the course’s opening front side.

    The “star of the show” at the Jones Course is a back nine that features plenty of water. It also includes my favorite hole on the course, the par-5 10th, one of just two holes on Hilton Head Island that touches the ocean beach. You’ll want a camera as you putt out on the 10th green, because the view of the water rolling in against the beach is a memory worth saving.

    Next, I chose the Arthur Hills course. Known for its distinct and strategic layout, Arthur Hills is the course that channels the local terrain of Hilton Head the most of the three. Surrounded by palmetto trees and an abundance of water, this course won’t force you to hit it long off the tee, but it will punish you if you aren’t accurate.

    That said, I had an absolute blast on the Arthur Hills course because of the strategic mindset that the design demands from all golfers. This course doesn’t bore you with a routine of driver, 7-iron, and putter over and over like many courses, but instead engages you with each shot.

    You will have to carry a lot of water on this course and wear comfortable clothing, but that makes playing the challenging layout that much more enjoyable. A great example is the spectacular par-4 second hole. Golfers have to clear a large body of water with their second shot on this hole after hitting a hybrid or iron off the tee to a small landing area.

    Arthur Hills does provide a respite, with large greens that roll smoothly and don’t have a great deal of break. Following the round, one of my playing partners described the course as, “tough but fair.” I couldn’t agree more.

    I ended my golf vacation at Palmetto Dunes with the resort’s third layout, the George Fazio Course. Widely considered to be the toughest of the three courses, the Fazio has been awarded many accolades over the years for its beauty and incredibly demanding golf.

    The front nine at the Fazio offers golfers a more relaxed side in contrast with the tighter back nine. Fazio designed the course with an emphasis on carving his fairways through the abundance of trees that line the landing areas for tee shots. As a result, the course will be more challenging for golfers who failed to bring their accuracy with them to the first tee.

    If you are looking for a standout hole, the par-3 17th at the Fazio is terrific fun, as the golfer must clear a large stream that runs diagonally across the area with their tee shot — which could be particularly challenging for women golfers. Waiting to trap your ball around the green is a front-facing bunker and a thick group of trees to the left that will swallow any shot that enters.

    After playing all three courses at the Palmetto Dunes resort, I can say with total conviction that each course packs an extraordinary punch that will undoubtedly invigorate and delight any traveling golfer. To learn more about our courses or to receive your golf quote, visit us at today.

    Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast with over 25 years of experience on the golf course. He’s fallen in love with the game and now teaches golf to amateur players in Omaha, Nebraska. He also loves to write and share his learnings about the game in articles on his website Golf Influence.

    Learn more about bettering your game with Jordan here.

  • Posted on 15th Sep 2019, 8:57 pm

    From the gridiron to the golf course — the similarities are surprising but real

    The fall season means football — both NFL and college — but the autumn months are equally perfect for golf. On Hilton Head Island, the average daytime temperature is a comfortable 75 degrees. The ocean breezes gently touch your face, while the sun is always on your shoulder — and it is dry.

    Doug Weaver is the longtime Director of Instruction at Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy. Doug’s father played football at Alabama for legendary head coach, Bear Bryant, for four years, including a pair of Cotton Bowl appearances. Doug’s son, Kyle, an 8-handicap index on the golf course, played offensive guard for the Citadel football team and helped lead the team to two Southern Conference Championships. Kyle’s playing weight was 285 pounds and he is very flexible.

    Doug and his family, including son, Kyle, who was a four-year, standout football player for the Citadel.

    Kyle Weaver was one of the Citadel’s team captains during his senior season.

    Here, Doug spells out some of the similarities between football and golf, and tells us how thinking about some of these likenesses can help improve your game.

    • Sequence: A good running back in football can run a 4.5 second 40-yard dash. However, if he gets ahead of the 300-pound offensive lineman, then the linebacker can stop the quicker running back before he gains significant yardage. The running back must be patient and start slow, so that the play can develop as designed. He can explode his speed at the correct opportunity in order to avoid the defensive players and get long yardage. Sequence in golf is equally important. Most golfers who shoot in the 80s and higher start their swing too quickly from the set-up or start the downswing too quickly. Both errors cause the golfers to unconsciously try to correct their swing during the remaining split second. There is only one fast moment in the swing — and that had better be when the club strikes the ball.
    • Posture: Proper posture promotes proper action. In football each player has a unique purpose and therefore posture that is fitting to their movement. The lineman sets up with the lead arm extended forward and their weight is leaning on that hand like a spring-loaded gun. This encourages an explosive move forward toward the defense. The quarterback stands more vertically for vision, yet his legs are flexed for a quick, initial move. The stance is shoulder width, so that he can pivot to the right or left quickly and fully. Similarly, Golf Posture details are vital to efficient movement in creating a swing that will offer mobility and balance, with the goal of creating consistent, effortless power and accuracy. Most swing plane errors are caused by poor posture.
    • Adrenaline: Football games include cheering fans, cannons, bands and other fanfare. The teammates hit each other to prepare for the contact to come. The adrenaline is pumping into the players muscles, causing a high level of arousal that increases speed and strength. Amazing feats of athleticism are seen on the field with great celebration following. The coaches are often high up in the booth studying the formations and plays of the opponent, and sending decisions down to the field coaches, who relay the call to the players on the field. Golfers must do all the playing calling on the course, while being influenced by the adrenaline that causes the swing to increase in speed and make the ball go unusually or inaccurately far. The adrenaline can cause the golfer and the football player to be too aggressive or too quick in their moves, and therefore mess up the strategy or cause poor decisions. The golfer has a Pre-Shot Routine (PSR) that includes the 45 seconds before the swing. This routine is just as important as the one-second swing. The PSR is designed to manage the adrenaline that influences thoughts and actions. Adrenaline heightens mental and physical abilities. A golfer must know how to manage the adrenalin so that it is beneficial to their game, not detrimental. A moment in golf that we all experience is when we leave the practice area and go to the first tee. The adrenaline kicks in subconsciously. Most golfers feel the heart suddenly race and the hands become sweaty, and they become very anxious — doubting their ability to hit in a playable area. They cannot wait to get this first shot behind them. Jack Nicklaus was asked when he would retire from competitive golf. His answer was, when I quit feeling nervous on the first tee. When asked what that means, Nicklaus said, “When I’m nervous, that means I believe I can win.” Come to Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy and learn how to win.

    Kyle Weaver didn’t back down during the Citadel’s upset win over the University of South Carolina in 2015.

    • Field goal kicking and the golf swing — a similar evolution: In the 1980s all field goal kickers stepped directly into the ball on a straight line to the field goal. Then one day, a soccer player stepped in and said, “I will kick it further and straighter, but do so in a circular motion.” The new style starts three steps from the side and the leg whips in an “around the body” motion. This creates more foot speed — and therefore produces longer kicks. Accuracy was doubted; however, the technique has remained with more accuracy and distance. The golf swing has been changing with the same concepts. The nearly vertical swing planes of Nicklaus, Watson and Norman have become less common to the flatter or shallower swing plane of Ben Hogan, Rory McIlroy and Matt Kuchar. I personally have made the effort to update my swing and I am very excited with results. I’m hitting more fairways and greens, and not losing but gaining distance. As a 59-year-old golfer, I am currently leading in 2019 Player of the Year points for the Hilton Head PGA. I’m playing with more confidence based on a swing that works very dependably under pressure. The “club golfer” experiences similar pressure competing in club events. I want them to share in my success.
    • Patience and calm are important in come-from-behind victories. Tom Landry and Roger Staubach were my 1970s examples of competitors with strong, self-controlled minds. Tom Brady is the man of the 2000s. The golfer must play with the same calmness and strong will of the quarterback. You want to achieve victory in the event — in golf you compete with yourself — but the mental process is just as important as swing mechanics or athletic ability.

    Enjoy the 2019 football season … BUT REMEMBER … you have a DVR, so you can watch the game after the sun goes down behind the 18th hole.

    The Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy offers classes and private lessons for all ages and skill levels. Lil’ Swingers is for 3- to 7-year-olds. The After-School and Back to Basics programs are for anyone who is hoping to improve. Private lessons can be arranged for you and your small group of friends. We also offer gift certificates for holidays and special events. Find us at or call at (844) 207-9258.

  • Posted on 27th Aug 2019, 2:37 pm

    Labor Day marks a change of season at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

    Around Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, we have a love/hate relationship with Labor Day.

    We “hate” Labor Day, only because it signifies the end of summer — the busiest and most popular time of the year on Hilton Head Island and around the resort.

    At the same time, we LOVE Labor Day because it marks the beginning of fall.

    You see, while golf is a year-round activity on Hilton Head Island, locals know a secret: The fall season is a particularly special time for golf.

    (Photo Credit: elitegolfexperiences)

    Temperatures on the island during the fall are perfect, with highs in the low 80s and the humidity low. (There’s a good reason fall is the most popular season of the year for weddings.) The skies are crystal clear by day and starlit by night. It’s truly the best weather to enjoy the palm trees, live oaks and rolling dunes that accentuate the beautiful golf courses. Not to mention, the island’s summer crowds have dissipated as the kids have returned to school. Traffic on the island is light and the most desirable tee times are available.

    At Palmetto Dunes, we know another secret: Golf course conditions are at their best during the fall season. Summer aerations have been completed and overseeding has not yet started. Turf conditions during the fall at Palmetto Dunes match the perfect weather.

    Of course, we’re a little biased when it comes to enjoying the island’s finest trio of golf courses. All three of the championship layouts at Palmetto Dunes have been named South Carolina’s “Course of the Year,” and the resort offers numerous ways to play them, from the traditional 18-hole rounds, to 9-hole time-savers late in the afternoon with friends or family and more.

    Palmetto Dunes encourages golfers to walk, with pull carts at all three courses. Or you can ride in 2-seaters or 4-seaters, enjoy the Visage GPS touch-screen systems on the carts with USB ports to bring along your tunes, get a little extra exercise with golf bikes at the Hills Course, or experiment with the Tempo Walk autonomous caddie units that follow you around the Jones and Fazio layouts.

    Golfers wishing to tweak their equipment during their stay at Palmetto Dunes this fall can visit SwingFit at the Robert Trent Jones Course, which offers custom club fitting technology used to match your swing to any number of name brand clubs and shafts. SwingFit makes new clubs on-site and also offers the state-of-the-art Gears 3-D swing analysis system — already a generation ahead of Trackman — that can teach and fit golfers to maximize their potential.

    Last but certainly not least, our Director of Golf Instruction Doug Weaver — a Lowcountry Golf Hall of Famer and teaching legend on the Island — and his outstanding staff offer free, Monday night clinics during the fall season. There are also options for individual, group and even family instruction classes available daily with yet another option of video analysis to take home.

    As if all that wasn’t enough to entice a golf trip to Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort this fall, the resort is also offering a selection of golf packages to make your dream trip more cost efficient. The Fall Groups Package at Palmetto Dunes includes special savings for groups of 12+ golfers on three rounds of golf per person with one free replay round on same day of play for play August 1 - October 12, 2019. Choose from our three championship golf courses: Jones, Hills and Fazio. Other fall packages include Stay & Play Packages and Multi-Round Savings Packages.

    Let’s see: Perfect weather, perfect course conditions, birdies and beer? What more could a golf nut ask for this fall?

    Whatever that might be, we’ve got it at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort — Hilton Head Island’s ideal fall golf getaway.

  • Posted on 25th Jun 2019, 1:53 pm

    Enjoy fireworks — on the golf course — at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

    “Golf has fireworks!” says longtime Palmetto Dunes Director of Golf Instruction Doug Weaver.

    “Golf is exhilarating and has moments of spectacular celebration,” Doug tells us.

    Photo Credit: mattreese03

    When — you might ask Doug — will we see these bright lights?

    When you:

    1. Achieve a goal you never have conquered. For example, learning to hit a golf ball up in the air at age three. We have the clubs for you to use in our “Lil Swingers Class.” Ages 3-7.
    1. Watch your struggling teenager say, “I can do this,” with a big smile on their face.
    1. Do something you thought you never could enjoy. For instance, a two-hour golf game spent talking with friends, exercising — and making a long putt to par a hole.
    1. Discover you have the ability to play nine holes of effortless and social golf with your lady friends and then go have lunch and talk. Palmetto Dunes invites you to our “Ladies Only Class.”
    1. Share a personal victory with family or a friend, and have that experience give you encouragement to overcome other obstacles.
    1. Experience efficiency, purity and power in one motion and watch it result in a long golf shot over the water that does exactly what you want it to do. We offer you the “Power and Distance Class.”
    1. Know your child who wants to play high school and college golf is playing with — and learning from — a former college and PGA Tour Player and now a PGA “Teacher of the Year.” We offer “Playing Lessons with Doug Weaver.”

    Or consider the following classes that provide equipment and can meet the needs of all skill levels:

    • Family Golf Class
    • Beginners Class
    • Back to Basics
    • Golf Mobility
    • Mental Golf Workshop

    Doug Weaver believes that those experiences … and many others on and around the golf course … will allow you to enjoy personal fireworks that you never thought possible.

    “Golf is a game for a lifetime,” Doug likes to say. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Bring someone close to you and learn to enjoy and love golf.”

    Reservations are required by calling (843) 785-1138 or (800) 827-3006.

  • Posted on 10th Jun 2019, 2:31 pm

    Doug Weaver’s U.S. Open history commemorated in newly released video

    Longtime Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort Golf Academy Director & PGA Teacher of the Year for North and South Carolina, Doug Weaver made U.S. Open history three decades ago at storied Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, N.Y., which recently played host to the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship.

    As a tour rookie in 1989, during a breathtaking span of one hour and 50 minutes, Doug became the first of four U.S. Open contenders at Oak Hill to ace the sixth hole. Nick Price, Jerry Pate and Mark Wiebe were the other three. The hole-in-one was Weaver’s eighth.

    From right: Mark Weibe, Nick Price, Jerry Pate & Doug Weaver

    News 8 and sports anchor and reporter Thad Brown put together a video to commemorate the event at Oak Hill, including interviews with all four golfers and other witnesses that day 30 years ago. The video can be viewed here:

    For Doug — who was inducted in the Lowcountry Golf Hall of Fame in 2017 and is consistently ranked among the state’s best instructors — that historic event became one of many professional highlights. He captured 14 mini-tour titles and played in PGA Tour events during six years spanning three decades, including three Top-25 finishes.

    Jim Uremovich congratulates Doug on his 5-shot victory in the Old South Pro Am in March of 2019

    Doug played and practiced with many of the game’s best including Tom Watson, Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Paul Azinger, Vijay Singh, Lee Trevino and Payne Stewart — and many others. He took lessons during the years from some other legends, including David Leadbetter, Harvie Ward, Davis Love Jr., and Sam Snead.

    Doug — who first moved to Hilton Head as a 17-year-old prep athlete, later playing at Furman University alongside Brad Faxon — eventually returned to the island full time to teach and spend more time with his family.

    All his PGA Tour experiences Doug firmly believes trained him well for his ultimate calling. “Today, I ask my students, ‘How much are you willing to invest?’ Doug said. “I know what it takes, and if you aren’t willing, I can help you with another game plan. But let’s be realistic and enjoy the journey.”

    To sign up for one of Doug Weaver’s free, Monday clinics at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort or any of its other world-class golf instruction programs, please call 866-744-7558 or visit

  • Posted on 30th May 2019, 3:53 pm

    Celebrating Women’s Golf Day at Palmetto Dunes

    With three award-winning golf courses, enviable Pro Shops, and professional instructors, it’s no secret that we’re passionate about golf at Palmetto Dunes! On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, we’re celebrating some of our favorite golfers—women!

    National Women’s Golf Day is celebrated across the globe, with special events happening in over 50 countries worldwide. So join us and the 50,000 other golfers who are supporting women and sharing their love of the sport.

    How can you celebrate Women’s Golf Day?

    Join us at our Robert Trent Jones course at 4 pm for a two-hour golf clinic lead by Krista Dunton and Dana Johnson. Get hands-on attention from these impressive women golf experts as you work on putting, chipping, driving, and more, all in the company of like-minded women who love golf and love learning.

    Aching to get off the range and onto the course? Opt for our Women’s Golf Day 9-hole play deal, instead. Head out on the stunning Robert Trent Jones Course from 4–6 pm to get some holes in and enjoy the company of some golf-loving gals.

    After engaging two hours of golf, make sure you stay for our Women’s Golf Day Social Hour. You can talk golf, or just meet some new people, all while sipping on complimentary beer and wine and enjoying some light appetizers.

    Not only are these unique Women’s Golf Day events a fun way to engage, empower, and support women golfers, they’re affordable, with the two hours of golf and social hour priced at only $30.

    Register and pay online here

    View full flyer here

    Can’t make it to Palmetto Dunes on June 4th? Treat the women golfers in your life to a round of their favorite game. A Palmetto Dunes gift card can go towards tee time on any of our courses and can even be used to be a round at the “19th hole”.

    What is it about golf that women love so much?

    It’s outdoors, which in Hilton Head Island generally means beautiful, warm and sunny conditions. It also provides wonderful exercise! If you walk an 18-hole course, you can burn up to 1,400 calories. Palmetto Dunes Resort offers a fleet of nimble BagBoy pushcarts on all three golf courses. Our Tempo Walk caddies (available for a small rental fee) are perfect for enjoying a golf course with your gal pals without having to worry about carrying your irons. To pick up the pace, consider renting a golf bike. Aside from the chance for outdoor exercise, golf is also wonderfully social! It’s a chance to catch up and connect with girlfriends or your partner as you swing your way to victory.

    As Bobby Jones once famously said, “golf is the closest game to the game we call life,” so get out and live a little with the golf loving women in your life! Show off your Women's Golf Day spirit by wearing red and white on June 4th and don’t forget to share the love by posting on social media, tagging @palmettodunessc and @womensgolfday. See you on the course.

  • Posted on 26th Apr 2019, 8:01 am

    Palmetto Dunes celebrates National Golf Day on May 1 … and every other day!

    At Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, every day is golf day.

    Hey, what can we say? We’re surrounded by three award-winning golf courses designed by a trio of legendary names, not to mention outstanding golf instructors giving interactive lessons and clinics, a nationally recognized club-fitting service, the most stylish attire adorning our pro shops — and we could go on and on.

    But there actually is an official National Golf Day… and in 2019, that day is May 1.

    National Golf Day celebrates the game’s more than $84 billion economy, nearly $4 billion annual charitable impact and many environmental and fitness benefits.

    Golf industry leaders travel to Washington, DC to meet with Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and federal agencies to discuss the game’s 15,000 diverse businesses, 2 million jobs impacted, tax revenue and tourism value.

    WE ARE GOLF, a coalition of the game’s leading associations and industry partners, hosts the annual National Golf Day event in Washington, D.C.

    The Community Service Project on the National Mall will occur on April 30. This year, the day includes turf restoration projects between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. There are opportunities to lay irrigation pipe along the Reflecting Pool, mow near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and lay sod near the Washington Monument.

    “Golf plays a substantial role in stimulating the American economy, as the industry impacts $58.7 billion in annual wage income,” says WE ARE GOLF Executive Director Steve Mona. “In addition to nearly 24 million U.S. golfers, a record-high 14.9 million are ‘very interested’ in playing the game, further cementing why it is vital to advocate on behalf of golf's interests with our country's lawmakers.”

    Last year's event was the most successful to date. The public relations and social media campaign outreach exceeded 2017 numbers. Organizations who participated include the Club Managers Association of America, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Ladies Professional Golf Association, National Alliance for Accessible Golf, National Golf Course Owners Association, PGA of America, PGA Tour, United States Golf Association, United States Golf Manufacturers Council, World Golf Foundation and others.

    So, to celebrate National Golf Day, let’s see a show of hands — who is planning to do their part and leave work early to enjoy nine holes of golf at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort? And … if you really want to make a difference… make it 18!

  • Posted on 9th Apr 2019, 2:36 pm

    Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort ready for a new golf season’s opening drive

    The azaleas are popping, the birds are chirping, the iconic theme music is playing … and Jim Nantz is clearing his throat.

    The golf world has hit that magical time of the year — Masters week.

    Around Hilton Head Island, the arrival of the year’s first major championship, the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, also signifies that our own RBC Heritage is close ahead — teeing off in just one week.

    For the first time ever this year, golf fans around the world were treated to a peek inside the gates at Augusta National a week earlier than usual, with the debut of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur — where an international field of 72 women amateurs competed over 54 holes of stroke play. After 36 holes, the leading 30 players advanced to Saturday’s final round at Augusta National.

    And, of course, as has become a recent tradition, on Sunday prior to the Masters final round, Augusta National played host to some of the country’s best up-and-coming junior golfers during the finals of the Drive, Chip and Putt competition.

    Palmetto Dunes has long been a proponent of growing the game with women and junior golfers alike. The resort provides a varying array of tee boxes on all three of its championship courses to accommodate golfers of every level. The Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy offers a wide variety of programming aimed at all players, young and old, beginner or skilled alike.

    And with SwingFit, the state-of-the-art club-fitting technology housed at the Robert Trent Jones clubhouse, Palmetto Dunes can custom fit golf clubs for anyone to ensure they are getting the most out of their equipment.

    Not to mention all the other cutting-edge enhancements around the 54 award-winning holes of golf at Palmetto Dunes. “We’ve always tried to do things a little different here at Palmetto Dunes,” said Samm Wolfe, the head golf professional and general manager at the Arthur Hills Course. “We have a way of looking at things outside the box. All these things make us unique in the area.”

    So that families can play together more enjoyably, Palmetto Dunes offers a dozen four-person golf carts that provide a sense of camaraderie and relationship building. All of the resort’s Club Car fleets of golf carts come equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS), as well as USB ports to charge cell phones and play music devices designed to suit a golfer’s functionality.

    To further encourage walking, the resort has recently introduced a fleet of nimble BagBoy pushcarts by on all three golf courses, while golfers on the Jones and Fazio courses can test drive the new, autonomous golf caddie units called the “Tempo Walk” by Club Car, which enhance play while also fostering health and wellness.

    In addition to the Tempo Walk, golfers can also pedal from hole to hole. The first resort in the Carolinas and along the East Coast to offer the revolutionary Golf Bike, Palmetto Dunes visitors can boost their calorie-burning quotient while teeing it up on a trio of the south's most beautiful and challenging courses.

    All three of Palmetto Dunes’ magnificent layouts have been named South Carolina’s “Golf Course of the Year.”

    “We can’t wait for our spring season,” said Wolfe. “Everything is starting to green up. Our tee sheets are busy and the golf courses are in great shape.”

    Considering all the resort’s offerings on and away from the golf course, little wonder Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort was named No. 12 “Best Resort in the South” in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2018 Readers' Choice Awards and to the Top 25 World’s Best Family Getaways by Travel + Leisure. For information about activities or reservations, please call 877-567-6513 or visit

  • Posted on 4th Apr 2019, 9:54 am

    Robert Trent Jones Course named one of South Carolina’s “Top Courses Available for Public Play” in 2019

    Like clockwork every year, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort’s trio of golf courses receives some type of prestigious recognition.

    The most recent honor goes to our Robert Trent Jones Course, which was recently named one of South Carolina’s “Top Courses Available for Public Play” in 2019 by the state’s Golf Course Ratings Panel.

    A total of 32 courses across the state were named to the list by members of the ratings panel, which consists of about 120 media, golf business and avid player members. These individuals have been charged with the task of identifying the best that South Carolina golf has to offer.

    “Once again, the South Carolina Golf Panel has recognized Palmetto Dunes for our outstanding golf offerings,” said Palmetto Dunes Director of Golf Clark Sinclair. “We are extremely proud of our trio of renowned golf layouts designed by legends of the game. The recognition from the prestigious golf panel further validates the feedback we receive from members and guests on a daily basis.”

    The Robert Trent Jones Course is arguably the most well known of the three Palmetto Dunes designs. However, all three courses — including the Arthur Hills Course and the George Fazio Course — have been named South Carolina’s “Course of the Year” by the state’s Golf Course Owners Association and ranked among the state’s finest by the Ratings Panel.

    The objective of the Ratings Panel is to promote excellence in golf course design and operations around the state through competitive rankings, education and public advocacy. The Panel serves as an ambassador for golf in South Carolina by striving to stimulate and facilitate the promotion and marketing of the outstanding golf courses, resorts, and real estate developments.

    In odd-numbered years, the Panel releases a bi-annual listing of the best non-private courses in the state, called “The Best Courses You Can Play.” Every resort, public access, and daily fee course is eligible for this elite listing. In even-numbered years, the panel taps “South Carolina’s 50 Best Courses,” public or private.

    In determining their ratings panelists consider the following criteria:

    • Routing – How the course flows from hole to hole in harmony with existing topography.
    • Variety – Degree to which the course demands a full range of shot requirements.
    • Strategy – How design features test course management.
    • Equity – The course’s capacity to reward good shots and penalize poor ones.
    • Memorability – The distinctiveness of the golf course and its individual holes.
    • Aesthetics – The degree to which scenery and surrounds lend to the enjoyment.
    • Experience – Incorporates all elements of the course: practice areas, clubhouse and more.

    Information on previous rankings can be found on the organization's website